Saturday, October 8, 2011

Divide and Conquer, How the Government and Banks Almost Won

They almost had us. We are not out of the woods yet.

From the crooked politics that created the FED in 1913 until now, government and banking interests have been winning the war. The tide is beginning to change.

Here's an odd little fact that I did not know or missed. Not only was the Federal Reserve hatched in private on Jekyll Island but the vote to pass it was almost strictly done- down party lines. And guess who voted for it? Democrats.  

Do you know the single biggest reason we have a "Federal Reserve Bank?" So that politicians can spend without oversight. It's truly that simple. Can you imagine how long politicians would last, if year after year, they were forced to tell the American people what they were planning on spending and had to ask our permission before passing a budget? We wouldn't need term limits.

What's in it for the FED? They profit.

The FED exists as a giant hub. It's spokes are member banks. They sell debt. According to a website for the Federal Reserve of Richmond- more than 1/3 of all commercial banks are members of the Federal Reserve System. In 2010, the Federal Reserve made 82 billion dollars. It returned 79 billion to the treasury. They steal the wealth of this country through interest, through the boom and bust cycle, and through inflation.

So what happened to that extra 3 billion? That paltry 3000 million. Where did that go? Nobody knows. Year after year, the FED seizes a few billion and it just evaporates. Or lines the pockets of international bankers. No real audit has ever taken place...because we don't control the Fed. That is a convenient illusion.

You want to see some funny shit? Take a look at this Federal Reserve balance sheet on this Wikipedia entry which does not balance. Go to the bottom of the link and check out the bottom lines.

Do you see anything there to suggest that the Federal Reserve System has 16 trillion jut laying around waiting to be loaned? Here's a Hot Air article that cites the government's General Accounting Office report stating that the Fed loaned over 16 trillion to national and international banks in a three year window.

The Federal Reserve Bank is the greatest fraud ever perpetuated on U.S. citizens. They have 16 trillion like I am God Almighty. And you know what? They might have gotten away with this giant fraud if it weren't for the internet. When people are divided, they cannot communicate or collaborate. They have no conduit to voice their opinions. Prior to the internet, we were screwed. What the hell were we going to do? Write letters to the editor? Complain to Mr. Obama? Shit. Pulleeasse.

Were we going to hope that big media outlets, financed by banks, were going to tell us the truth?

The best thing that ever happened to this country was the bank collapse in 2007-2008. That was when crooked bankers and politicians woke the sleeping giant. The American public. And for the first time ever, we have a means to communicate with each other. Free, efficient, and without media or government censorship. We can read and write and communicate freely along vast distances. Pass information along. Sign giant virtual petitions although I'm not sure government gives a shit about those things. I think they just ignore us.

The enemy and it's mission are well defined. Government, the FED, and it's member banks exist to steal the wealth of this country by loaning money that doesn't exist. At interest. That is the truth. Don't get hung up on the details. Don't worry whether or not your friend is a Republican, Conservative, Libertarian, Independent, or gawd help us... a Democrat. We have a common enemy. It is the alleged "leadership" of this leaderless country. Our country is slowing becoming unified. Individually we are pretty weak. Together we are incredibly strong. The crooks almost had us. We screwed up. We trusted them. Now let's kick their ass and take our country back.



Jake Naumer/Foreclosureblues said...

well said...that is damn sure the truth...couldn't have said it better myself

Brian said...

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Well, you can see how well the oligarchy is taking this 'united we stand through the internet' lesson you are trying to teach. Just look at the beyond the pale, in your face, loathsome corruption of the obama fraud eligibility question. april 27th completely bogus long form birth certificate. 042-68-4425 SSN clearly visible on obamafraud release of his tax records - fails e-verify.

So what have the masses united by the internet accomplished? Absolutely NOTHING.

Do you really think the oligarchy is going to melt away because of the internet? Hell, they control the internet! They feed you porn, and sports, seas of memes for your buying pleasure, worthless news about worthless celebrities, completely bogus stock news. As long as you are fat, damn dumb, and happy and you are able to borrow enough to buy a house, car, and wife, the oligarchy will forever control you.

Brian said...

I am seeing more and more evidence of people waking up. We have a conduit here to communicate with.

The rotation away from a republic to a truly socialist state has already occurred. This country has been down before and I am not ruling out the possibility that people can get their shit together. All of this will unfold by the end of 2012. The first great decision will occur when scotus rules on obamacare. That will be huge...

I have to believe we can get our country think anything certainly not helpful.

Anonymous said...

The bankers won't give up without a fight. We will have to kick their ass or kiss our country good-bye.