Sunday, October 23, 2011

Why I Urge You To Read The Quran

I spent last weekend reading the Quran on line. Yea I know, you had to watch paint dry.

Here's the deal. Muslims are nuts. Your President has a Muslim lean and Muslims are taking over the world. It's time you school yourself on their beliefs. Once you do that, you will understand why they are fanatics. The Quran is all about fear, control, obedience, and punishment. It has nothing to do with an evolved higher power. But it sure sounds a lot like the same old ego driven human lunacy. Not only does this book scare the shit out of me- but it has a giant fanatical following of idiots. This work of fiction even predicts infidels like me and it really sets the stage and tone for a future horrific clash.

It's time we call this book what it is. Trash. The next time some idiot is defending the Quran, ask them if they've read it. If they haven't, end the discussion.  

Trust me when I say this. If the Quran is the word of God, we'd be better off without God. I mean that. See for yourself.


Always On Watch said...

I've read part of the Quran. Frankly, I couldn't take it! What a convoluted mess that book is!

I'm furious that our leaders -- and even John Bolton -- refer to that trash as "the holy Quran."

Anonymous said...

Three times I attempted to read the Koran and three times I failed after a a few pages. My hat is off to you for being able to complete the task. One of the best analysis of Islam i have read described it as being both a religion, how man interacts with his god, and an ideology, how man interacts with other men. I have no reason to bother myself with how other men interact with their god. I certainly have reason to bother myself with how men interact with the rest of us. The ideology of Islam is one of hate and a need to subjugate and/or eliminate those who have religions or ideologies different from theirs. They demand tolerance for their beliefs while tolerating no other beliefs. Islamist, therefore will never melt into another culture but will try to destroy and subjugate the host culture.