Monday, October 24, 2011

Dear Julian Assange,

Every once in awhile, I find myself in the position of having to explain to the unconscious how the world tends to operate. Some folks think they can say anything they want to- without consequences.

Dear Julian;

In life, when we step on peoples' toes, they tend to get a little pissed. They retaliate. This craziness, as you see it, is actually quite normal and fair. Predictable, even. Therefore, most of us have learned to cover our bases before we start speaking the truth about things. I learned this lesson at a very young age at someone else's expense. Please allow me to explain.

As a police officer, I responded to a very serious bar fight one night where a man had been seriously injured. Nobody would tell me who was responsible for the man's injuries. I knew the suspect(s) were still there which was rather unbelievable. At any rate, one guy identified the suspects and said he would write a statement which he did at a table in the corner. He pointed out three very large young men out from  a nearby military base- all of which denied the accusation and claimed they had acted in self defense. Lacking any evidence to the contrary, I was forced to take that rendition of events until I could speak with the victim at the hospital. Before I left, I told the man that had identified the three men in the bar that it was in his best interests to leave and that I would arrange a ride home for him. This is what he said.

"This is a free country, I ain't going anywhere."

I left the bar knowing what was about to happen Julian. I was only 22, maybe 23. I returned to the bar about 20 minutes later just as the ambulance was scooping up Mr. Free Country. Mr. Free Country suffered broken ribs, a broken nose and eye socket, and several lacerations on the head and upper torso. The hospital and our indigent fund suffered a 15,000 dollar unpaid bill.

By the time I tracked down the suspect(s) they had been deployed overseas. I think they issued some warrants which years later and unserved, were purged. Mr Free Country died in an automobile accident, drunk, a few years later. Apparently his level of common sense had not improved much. I hope yours does, Julian.

Yours truly,

Frankenstein Government

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