Monday, October 24, 2011

Gaddafi's Son Talks Tough While Hiding in Syria

A mainstream media snip. (dig those last two tough guy lines)

Saif Al-Islam Gadhafi, the London-educated son who was to succeed his father and carry on the dynasty is possibly still at large. Libya's interim government had said he was captured this weekend, but at the very same time the 39-year-old appeared on Syrian television.
"We continue our resistance. I'm in Libya, alive, free and intend to go to the very end and exact revenge," Saif Al-Islam Gadhafi was heard saying on Syrian TV. "I say go to hell, you rats and NATO behind you. This is our country, we live in it, and we die in it and we are continuing the struggle." 

Pretty tough talk from a guy who claims to live in Libya, now hiding in Syria. I am always amazed at that level of unconsciousness. It defies comprehension. You see, it's all right for Pops to run around killing thousands of people and stealing billions of dollars- perhaps gleefully cheering an airplane bomb which indiscriminately kills innocent people in the air and on the ground at Lockerbie. A real sweetheart.

The mad dog of the middle east died near some nasty culvert undoubtedly executed- not unlike the thousands of people that Mr. Gaddafi had executed. Forty years worth. So his death seems oddly appropriate. They have a special place for guys like that. Hey Muammar! Say hi to Joe Stalin and Adolf for me.

Get on home now Saif. Show them how tough you are. The folks back home have a special treat waiting for you.


Anonymous said...

My experience with middle-eastern men in the middle east, is that they are all show and no go.

The only guys who actually riveted me were the Israelis. The Israelis were easy to respect and admire. All the others, especially the Palestinians, were cowards and women-abusers. I reckon it's that whole Islam thing.

If Saif actually did return to face his enemies, he would crap himself while crying like a child. Oh, like his dad.

Brian said...

I am simply amazed at what hateful, unconscious bastards the middle east folks all seem to be. Acting the way that they do- wow.

Yes, and Israel acts like the only civilized and evolved culture which of course- pisses off the the rest of those cretins.