Sunday, September 18, 2011

Boise Makes Top Ten Places to Retire

Hell, they didn't even mention our football team.

Boise, Idaho
Photo: David R. Frazier
Population: 205,600
% over 50: 30%
Median home price: $120,000
Top state income tax: 7.8% (*Social Security exempt)
Cost of living (as % of national median): 97%
If you're the type who can't survive without your symphony, art, and theater fix, you may have resigned yourself to staying in some pricey coastal burg during retirement. Take a look at Idaho's capital city instead.
Granted, Boise is no Manhattan. But its thriving cultural scene includes an opera company, a philharmonic orchestra, and a ballet. At Boise Art Museum, which focuses on contemporary American art, you'll see works by Ansel Adams and Chuck Close.
Catch shows at Boise State University's Morrison Center for the Performing Arts, which hosts not only classical events but also touring Broadway shows and such boomer draws as Merle Haggard and Kris Kristofferson. Or hit the annual Shakespeare Festival at the city's 770-seat outdoor amphitheater.
Residents also enjoy all the outdoor activities you might expect of a city that's flanked by mountains and bisected by a river full of fish — and that has a mild climate year round.
Another plus: Violent crime in Boise is little more than half the national average. That's a remarkable score for a city this size.


rawmuse said...

Gotta pay a visit to Boise one day!

Anonymous said...

Boise is a cool town. Most of the people where I live drive to the mall and thats it. I got married there and we partied in the little bohemian section of town by Warm Springs area. two good hospitals and the winter weather is pretty nice. Only two things rule it out for me. Its in the west, and its in the mountains.


Brian said...

RM...I will put ya up!

Airstrikes...after looking all over the country, especially Laughlin/Bullhead area...I landed here all in all...still might be the best quality of life at the best price. Another year of Obama, and maybe home prices will leg down another 15%...