Monday, September 19, 2011

How Barack Obama Missed The Opportunity Of A Lifetime and Why You Can Now Safely Stick A Fork In Him

Over the weekend, I listened to Obama's big "jobs speech" again. I did this because I noticed something odd while listening to the two minute version. It was the tone and the inflection of how Obama delivered that speech. This is new.

I follow this guy like a virtual stalker. And as much as I hate to listen to him, I do. Obama is desperate and he is scared. He knows his place in the polls and Obama is incapable of doing anything to rescue himself. That's the problem when you are a spineless- ego maniac. You cannot remake yourself into the kind of man you need to be now. You have exposed who you are. You have no credibility. To make matters worse, the bankers don't need you anymore. They got away with their crimes. Corporate America doesn't have much use for Obama either- with guys like Steve Wynn saying he is bad for business. Business can't move forward until Obama is moved out of the way. Obama's regulations, taxes, and health care extortions have absolutely brought about a hiring freeze. Obama's latest ploy over the weekend- is proposing tax hikes and deficit cuts. More desperation.

Can you imagine for a moment what might have been, had Obama recognized the greatest opportunity of his lifetime? How different our country and this election might be? Most of us only dream of silver platter set ups like the one Obama received in 2008. Only a "banker bought and paid for man" or a self absorbed fool with his own agenda could have missed it. It was staring him in the face.

Imagine a banking crisis, so fraudulent and severe, that it has pitched the world into a liquidity crisis which continues to this very day. You have three choices. (1) Continue the policies of your very unpopular predecessor, TARP loans, stimulus, and bailouts. Ignore the fraudulent and criminal acts of tens of thousands of crooked mortgage originators, appraisers, purchasers, bankers, rating agencies, and Wall St. loan bundlers and resellers. (2) Do nothing (3) Let failed banks fail. Prosecute fraudulent activities up and down the mortgage fraud food chain. Set the credibility standard and announce to the U.S. and to the world that people will be held accountable and that we have a rule of law in this country. Rid ourselves of shoddy CEOs and too big to fail banks. Prosecute and put people like Angelo Mozilo in jail. Refuse to subsidize any business with taxpayer funds.

Ponder the power and credibility of Obama had he chosen that last option in 2008. People would have been proud of their President. There would have been restorative justice and confidence in America. In fact, had Obama done the right thing- back when he was given that golden opportunity- he could have done anything he wanted now. He would have had the support of millions of out of work people, displaced homeowners, the respect of the worldwide community who were also victimized. Virtually everyone knows the tremendous scale of corruption that existed. Perhaps the economy would not have turned around by now- but you know what? Everyone would have cut Obama some slack because he would have been doing the right thing. People can be tremendously forgiving as long as they think someone's heart is in the right place. They know there is a common sense approach and a logical sequence that must be employed. That sometimes you can't turn things around in a year or two. They would have given him another term.

Obama had the greatest opportunity EVER to right a serious wrong and bring real hope and change to a country that had been gutted. He might have gone down as a great one. Had he selected option (3) he could probably have played golf every day for the rest of his term. Relaxed and vacationed even more than he does. Waited to see who the GOP picks and then sent them packing in a landslide election. That is the kind of credibility and support Obama would have had if only he could have seen past his personal agenda and that giant ego of his. Do what was in the best interests of the country. Would it have taken personal courage? Of course. But it was no Cuban missile crisis.

Now Obama is relegated to making desperate speeches and pleas. Promising to do what he could have done months and years ago with taxes or the budget had he first established personal courage and credibility. As it stands, no one trusts him. His words are hollow rhetoric. On the good ship Obama, we will see a flurry of rats evacuating his ship. Indeed we have already seen that. That momentum will continue. Obama is done. He had his shot and he blew it. All the GOP needs to do is find someone, anyone, with an ounce of credibility and courage. Maybe they won't even need that- to get this job done. That's how confident I am that you can stick a fork in Obama.

The really odd thing, is that Obama just doesn't get it. Anyone trying to tell him the truth would have been sent packing. That's the problem when you have the biggest ego in the room. It may take him another 20 years (if ever) to figure out that the biggest problem Barack Obama has- is Barack Obama.

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Dave said...

Its the basic always do the right thing. Look at my grandmothers favorite president, Dick Nixon. After trouncing McGovern, he could have written his own ticket for his last term, but he decided to lie about some two bit burgalry. Adios. The tax payers pay these advisors to the president, they should give their salaries back. Thisis a very good piece, one I'm going to email some people. Kudos to the research team at Frankenstein Government.