Sunday, September 18, 2011

Where Are Ye Now... George Kaiser?

Amidst the flaming wreckage and criminal fraud that is Solyndra, I have googled the name George Kaiser several times. The latest and most comprehensive Solyndra expose' has been furnished by the National Review via Doug Ross here:

Call me an odd duck, but I am one of those guys that gets a little pissed off when people are publicly dragging my good name through the mud.

Apparently the billionaire, George Kaiser, has found an emotional solution for all of that internet slander and contempt that is being shoveled his way. In fact, I cannot find one "no comment" from him anywhere. Not one statement telling us how Solyndra was actually a very viable company and placing the blame on some scientific process that they simply could not solve.

Actually, I haven't heard much about Solyndra from President Jabberjaw either. 

Maybe President Obama is busy with all of that country running that he does, and perhaps Mr Kaiser is just too busy with all of that billionaire stuff he stop and say something about how we are all jumping to conclusions and that in actuality...there is a very simple explanation for all of this Solyndra madness. Surely, our vaunted mainstream media will ask the proper questions.

In law school, when clients tell lawyers they have done something clearly fraudulent or criminal, prospective lawyers are trained to tell their clients to STFU. This is legalese for don't make any statements regarding the matter. In fact, the better attorneys advise, this helps us defend your deplorable actions later on and carve out some deal that involves a big fine. But no jail time.

The newest entry into Solyndra hell is Steve Spinner. One of those goverment employees at the Dept of Energy.,0,1142974.story Steve it seems recused himself from Solyndra loan making because of his open support for President Obama.. how noble. I doubt that he had any influence over his subordinates' decisions. We have not heard from Mr. Spinner who is married to a lawyer...but I digress.

Here at Frankenstein Government, we are always more than willing to give the accused an opportunity to explain themselves- by polygraph if need be. Because we know how vicious and cruel life can be. Go ahead and send me an email George. You being a big philanthropist and all- you deserve some respect and an opportunity to tell us what really happened. We are all anxiously awaiting to hear from you.

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