Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Operation Crazy Horse, Gold Price Suppession Conspiracy, Nash Equilibrium, and Other Fascinating Shit

Sometime later today, the FED is going to announce their latest trick. Quantitative Easing 3.0. This time around the Fed is going to announce a program to buy mid to long term treasuries. They call this "Operation Twist" because the FED has now begun to use code names.

Have you ever noticed how the government loves code names? I laughed my ass off when the government announced it's code name for Bin Laden. Geronimo. Allegedly, they use code names because somebody might intercept our cryptic messages and become confused about who Geronimo is. Well, except that the entire universe knew that we were hunting Bin Laden. I doubt those Islamic savages could have put all of that together. So I think these code names are kind of useful.

I don't like  the name Operation Twist. So I am going to dub QE3- Operation Crazy Horse. I think this is a far more descriptive and accurate code name. Since the FED has no assets yet they loan trillions, anyone that believes this bullshit must be crazy. Show me the MONEY, Fed! You must also be crazy to think any of this is designed to help Americans. It is designed to help re-liquefy all of our insolvent banks who get to practice mark to fantasy accounting. In the end, all that this will lead to is more inflation, more price erosion. Higher gold.

You'll note that I have used the term conspiracy. Contrary to common Moonbat thinking, conspiracies can and do exist. Conspiracies are hatched and their goals executed daily. The great duopoly, Verizon and AT and T, is one of my favorite conspiracies. The FED and it's member banks, the great cartel, still maintain and occupy my highest slot. Let me stop there and show you this. On bloodshed and conspiracies. Gawd I love Carlin.

Now I am going to introduce the term, Nash Equilibrium to you. Here is the definition. To save time and get to the point, just read the second paragraph- Cliff notes style.

Bankers hate precious metals because they represent something of real value in limited supply. Sans alchemy, there is no way to counterfeit precious metals. So what you have to do if you are a banker, is try to find a way to minimize the role of real money- precious metals- and maximize the role of your worthless currency. In other words, you badmouth gold publicly- while privately you accumulate as much gold as humanly possible. Keep it secret or you will cause the price to rise. That's why the biggest holders of gold, worldwide, are central bankers! I would dearly love to see how much gold Bernanke personally owns. In fact, if Ron Paul would simply ask Bernanke how much gold he owns, I would tip over laughing.

The FED and the worldwide banking system is the greatest conspiracy ever created. Like the great duopolies, they have found Nash equilibrium. The FED is a cartel that conspires and practices price fixing as uniformly as OPEC does with oil. To get rid of the banker class I will refer you back to the Carlin clip. Or maybe my favorite Thomas Jefferson...quote. Maybe Carlin was Jefferson in a previous life.

The Tree of Liberty must be refreshed with the blood of tyrants and patriots from time to time.


Anonymous said...

I wholeheartedly agree that there is a conspiracy among the most powerful bankers. What I can't figure out is what their goal really is. They are supporting collectivism and socialism in individual countries as well as within the UN. Since socialism eventual kills the wealth producing sectors of the economies, this apparent support for socialism is against their own interest. Therefore, their real goal has to be something else and that's where I get lost. What is your take, Brian?

Brian said...

Jim...I don't think their goal (bankers) was ever collectivism or socialism. That idiocy comes from politicians.

Bankers just got greedy. They invented worldwide fiat systems which are all now bankrupt and insolvent. So this FED-IMF charade continues and you can bet the worlds bankers are heading for the exits. Buying all the PM they can get their hands on.

I don't think there is any heinous conspiracy left- they stole the wealth of this country and europe and now we are just sorting the mess out Those people who are protecting themselves will be in a much better position than those who can't or won't.

Paco said...

I love a good conspiracy theory, as a GOOD ONE will seem plausible.

The Federal Reserve was established 12/23/1913. The term of its charter is 100 years. It's actual renewal date is 12/22/2012, but that's a guess as the reality is nobody outside the Fed actually knows.

The conspiracy angle is that the Federal Reserve has been taking 1% per year in gold certificates and after a hundred years they will own Fort Knox (or where ever gold is stored).

Also, anyone possessing gold will once again be forced to hand it over just as in 1933. By force, if necessary.

Additionally, the Federal Reserve will elect NOT to extend its charter. I like how it is the Fed Board's choice, not ours! Expect all your FRN's to have only intrinsic value- paper and ink- regardless of denomination.

Perhaps this is why 0bama, CONgress and the Fed could spend like drunken sailors (not to offend any drunken sailors), because once the Fed is no more, it won't matter. Game over, banks win, thank you for playing.

Brian said...

They won't get my shit. I will give them some lead instead.

Odd, that the Mayan calendar ends one day before the FED's charter is up. Play Twilight zone music here.