Thursday, September 22, 2011

Like It Or Not, It's Us Against Them

Almost 100 years ago, one of the greatest frauds ever conceived and then made into law, was the Federal Reserve Bank.

It was not Federal. It had no reserves. It was not even a bank. It's entire name, like it's mission, was a complete and utter fraud. If the creature's mission was to stabilize the U.S. economy, indeed it only took 16 years to prove that it was an utter failure. From inception in December, 1913- to Great Depression in October, 1929.

That's a hell of a job. It should have been shit canned then.

I have studied enough to know that the statement I am about to make is true. Fiat currency can work- as long as the quantity of currency is carefully controlled. It is the quantity of currency and the men who enlarge that supply that kill economies. Greed, in some never ending cycle, always fucks things up. Because man is finite. Man knows that he only has (x) amount of years to plunder rare earth. So new generations set about that task. Alan Greenspan, Hank Paulson, Lord Blankfein, Jamie Dimon, Tim Geithner. There are new ones, up and coming. The next class. They produce nothing. They charge "interest" for something they do not have and if they do, it was put on deposit by someone else. It ain't theirs and it never was. It is the greatest scam in town.

If there is one thing the book, "The Creature from Jekyll Island" taught me, it was that government desperately needs the FED. The government would be out of business if they were forced to come to taxpayers each year and ask for more taxes as their spending increased. Not only would citizens become much more aware about money and how it was being spent, but soon politicians would not have jobs. Citizens would not tolerate their out of control spending and shitty oversight. There would be accountability and politicians hate that. So instead of having to come to taxpayers each year begging for more and more taxes, our government simply "borrows" the money from the FED and plunges us into more and more debt. That way, we have no say in how the money is spent- we are simply stuck with the bill. A fantastic end around which is guaranteed to end badly and in our case- soon.

That is the simplest and most accurate explanation of why we have a "Federal" "Reserve" "Bank." It is the most convenient way for politicians to plunder taxpayers. In return, the FED and it's real owners- get to plunder the American economy through the boom and bust cycle. They get enormously wealthy in the process. So the political class, and the banker class, really need each other. Whether you like it or not- It truly is "Us Against Them." A very cozy arrangement- they have been screwing us for 98 years. Don't feel bad. We didn't invent this. Currently...

The FED and the political class have screwed the pooch. Our economy is toast- it has been since the tech bubble burst- around the turn of the century. We have already had our first lost decade- we are starting on decade number two. QE3 was a dud yesterday, a terrible disappointment. No more free money, just yet, to keep stock prices levitating. I have this sense that the political class, and the banker class, are very close to the end game. The great fraud is almost over.

It has been "Us Against Them" for a long time. Don't feel bad or apologize for that. Not one of us participated in nor hatched the plan that turned our country over to the bankers and politicians in 1913. Look at this mess like the opportunity that it is. A chance to get our country back. Who knows? Maybe we can do it without stretching a few necks. Maybe not.

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Anonymous said...

No, no, no...stop being such a poopy-pants. You know that whenever we need a good old stimulus, our wonderful Fed will simply print more money. I mean, come on, you now that if you still have blank checks in your checkbook, you obviously have money in your account.

Stop trying to be so common-sensical and all that fiscal responsibility talk. Our Dear Leader doesn't like it.

Long Live the Republic, indeed. (Provided the progressives don't destroy it first.)