Monday, August 1, 2011

With the Majority of This Country Angry- Why Do These Bastards in Congress Ignore Us?

Writing a budget. A simple task. Businesses do it, families do it. So why can't a bunch of six figured salaried- politicians do it? What makes it so difficult for them?

Cognitive Dissonance (ZeroHedge) makes a very good case. In brief, he states that the people we elect are addicted to power and wealth. They do not get power and wealth from ordinary citizens. They get the drug that they crave from the ruling class and the wealthy. They do what the ruling class wants and in turn they are given their drug of choice, power and wealth. It is a sound argument. In fact- I think CD is dead on. Having spent a great deal of my time with addicts and having been a former addict myself- I understand the mentality completely.

Quite simply, our Congressman and this President are addicts. They will do whatever they need get what they crave. In fact, they are lucid enough to realize that they are spending us into oblivion and yet they do not care. That's what addicts do. They will take any short term fix. They do not care about the long term consequences. That has nothing to do with you or us- really.

They are a bunch of self centered bastards and we keep electing them. We enable them to exist.

They can't do the budget because what they want is going to get them in serious trouble. They are going to borrow and steal more money- and that is going to piss off voters. That's why this ridiculousness has stretched beyond 800 days. They have to find a way to get what they crave and make it look like it's someone else's fault so that they can get re-elected. To spin it like it's a good deal. To "compromise" like the addict in the White House states.

That's the game. They cannot wait for their fix and they know they won't be around when the U.S. defaults. They will be long gone- perhaps like Christopher Dodd. Living in his Irish cottage.

Public service doesn't have a damn thing to do with public service anymore. Public service at the Congressional level is all about power, wealth, and ego validation. Serving the public at the expense of your own needs? How arcane. That philosophy is extinct, passe.' I have seen no sign of it in the last 30 years or so. I wish it would make a comeback.


Wraith said...

The reason they ignore us is quite simple: because they can.

What are we going to do about it? Protest? Cast a ballot? Write a strongly-worded blog post? Oooh, they're just shaking in their $500 shoes.

We are under the control of a lawless, thug government. The only difference between them and the Mafia is that you don't have to be Italian to join this regime. It corrupts everyone it touches. Even Allen West appears to be selling out.

We're running out of options. :(

Anonymous said...

"Writing a budget. A simple task. Businesses do it, families do it. So why can't a bunch of six figured salaried- politicians do it? What makes it so difficult for them?"

They have no incentive. There is no profit motive and it's not their money so there is no cost incentive. Being voted out of office, historically, is a low probability occurrence because of the disconnect of the voters. So hey, party on!

davecydell said...

That crap show with Gabrielle Giffords was sickening, and the sheeple lapped it up.

Brian said...

Wouldn't you love to now who's idea that was? Fuckers are shameless.

Brian said...