Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Furious Reefer Williams Gets Nabbed

So the other night, some gal goes on one of those neighborhood demolition derbies in Boise. She manages to get a major road closed for quite some time. People tell me she is smiling as her booking photo is taken- well after the carnage and inconvenience that the whole episode causes. So I looked her up on the Ada County jail website.

I never did find her. But I did note that Furious Reefer Williams got nabbed. That name might be one of the all time greats. Up until I saw that, my all time favorite first name was "Onestyle." Bestowed upon a child as a result of his parents proclivity for  having sex...well figure it out. I cannot put his full name and photo up because that is his story to tell. However, Furious Reefer has found the public domain.

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