Saturday, August 6, 2011

What Is It About Obama That Brings Out Such Contempt in Me?

I would have liked JFK. I was only two at the time destiny found Kennedy winding his way through Dealey Plaza.

I couldn't stand Nixon. He should have been prosecuted. Of course, he was not and that incident along with the earlier Chappaquiddick incident ushered in the era of our two tiered criminal justice system. The ruling class plays by one set of rules which they can change as they need to. All others can eat cake. I was intimately aware of this in Moonbat Valley. The rich bought their way out of trouble.

Jimmy Carter was just a nice guy. Too nice to be President. Reagan was the best President of my conscious lifetime. And of all the things I liked about Reagan- it was he that saw the breakdown and moral decay of America. He knew it was family based. He predicted it would get worse and it has. The Bushes and Clinton- just politics as usual. Ruling class pricks. Bill Clinton was a cocaine addict. Not that anyone bothered to investigate.

Up until 2007, I was a classic independent. I learned to hate both parties- all they represent to me is the ruling class. You wanna know why I think Reagan was such a good guy? Because he had already acquired all the wealth and fame that anyone could want. He did not covet or crave anymore. With his needs for power and wealth already satiated via his prior life experience, Reagan could become President without those distractions. It's hard to bribe someone in the usual way when the target already enjoys all the fame and fortune he could ever want. Which brings me to President Obama.

All of the Presidents of my lifetime came to the Presidency with legitimate resumes'. Mostly governors. All of them have been reasonably wealthy upon arrival. And all of them had histories which were fairly transparent. Obama came with none of those things. He is still in the process of satiating those needs. With Obama, those needs are still primary and clearly he places those needs ahead of all else. He hasn't learned what Reagan already knew.

I have a rule of thumb for judging people that has been highly accurate over the years. It is simply an insight and as you read this- ask yourself if this is true in your experience. Anytime I listen to someone who speaks indirectly, or in circles, or in vague generalities, or circumlocously, I am looking at someone who has poor leadership qualities and is indecisive. Very often these people who ramble on and on- are intelligent and book savvy. They are generally considered "nice" people. Think Alan Greenspan. But they are terrible leaders and deep down they know it. They are trying to become something they aren't. I think that's what irritates the hell out of me. Obama has no idea what kind of a man he wants to be yet and he's like a windsock- susceptible to whatever way the wind is blowing.

Obama still craves power and wealth. His history is virtually opaque except for that fiction that either William Ayers' wrote or Obama wrote. I think Obama was bought and paid for by the ruling class, read desperate bankers on the verge of prosecution here, and he was susceptible to that carrot of power and wealth that the ruling class dangled in front of him. Of course, it didn't hurt that he was an excellent orator and black. The problem with Obama is that he cannot decide who he is. Or who he wants to be. And that indecisiveness has left this country in the lurch. Frozen in the headlights.

A rich black kid or a poor black kid? A live on the razor's edge son of an alcoholic or a respectable family man? Pro business or socialist? A Muslim or a Christian? An Indonesian or an American? He can't figure it out, nor can we. Obama compounds problems by ignoring larger ones. Obamacare could not have come at a worse time. Ever. Obama is inherently dishonest as well. His list of broken campaign vows makes me ill. The one that directly applied to me was Obama's insistence that people could cash in their 401ks and that the government would not penalize us. Remember that pre- Presidency bullshit? I do. I am still pissed about it. That was inherently dishonest.

You see, that's why I think Obama raises such contempt in me. At the end of the day, Obama simply can't decide who he is. Superficially, he is a decent looking guy and and an excellent orator. That was enough to get him elected but it certainly isn't enough to make him effective. Obama talks a good game but he can't deliver. He is untruthful and evasive. He is self absorbed. Still worried about his own fame and fortune. A wanna be member of the ruling class when in fact he is simply just an abandoned kid that has been  bounced between two worlds. A searcher. In every sense of the word. And my country- the one that I served long before I ever heard the name Obama- can't wait any longer. Four more years of this guy and my country will fully implode.

Ok. There. I feel better now.


Col. B. Bunny said...

The U. of Chicago wouldn't hire him at first until the Board called up the law school and said do it. The man's been sold as a great intelligence but it isn't so. AA all day, every day.

I think he's got the cadences of good oratory down, which he possibly picked up in speech training classes he attended while accidentally attending the Trinity United (FTWM) Church of Christ, with Oprah. On the substance of his speaking, however, do not doubt that those teleprompters with an uplink to Soros World HQ and DSA Central are surgically attached.

Brian said...

I agree Colonel. I have no problem calling him what he is. He is our first Affirmative Action President. Elected principally so that white folks in the U.S. could pat themselves on the back about how un prejudiced and color blind they are.

Love to see Little Wayne run. Then we'd see how open minded and unprejudiced ol whitey is...