Thursday, August 4, 2011

The FED and Member Banks Now Selling Stock Market, Bankers Exploiting Fear To Usher in QE3

Well the banker controlled stock market is plunging. Time to engineer a little fear and usher in the next round of quantitative easing. The DJIA down 350 this a.m. It finished down 512.

Fuck em. Remember what I said. When the market plunges so will commodity prices. At the bottom be ready to buy gold and silver on the cheap. Both metals taking a huge dive today along with the market.

The DOW should be trading at the 6-7000 point range if in fact it was non manipulated and actually reflected what is going on in the world. If it gets anywhere close to reality...

Buy gold and silver. That will most likely be our last chance to buy before precious metals prices go straight up.


Anonymous said...

The market it showing what it thinks of the economic leadership being demonstrated in this country. What a bad joke this man is..

davecydell said...

Minus 512.
Happy Birthday.

Anonymous said...

Brian, today, Friday, I note that as the stock markets are falling, people are seeking a save have in US bonds. Is this a temporary phenomenon, if so how long do you think it will last. The Fed will taut this as a sign of our economic strength, won't they?

Brian said...

There is simply no other place to park your money. They are getting negative interest rates. In other words, inflation is greater than the interest they receive.

The other night, I read that Mellon Bank of NY has stated that they have too much money on deposit and that they are going to start charging people to hold it. No kidding.

Our treasury is simply the holder of last resort. There is simply no other place to park your money. That's not because we are good and healthy- that's because we don't suck as bad as other places like the Eurozone. (although we really do)

It is a temporary phenom. It can only last until such time that debt holders realize their principal is at risk and that what little interest they are being paid- is counterfeited fiat by the Fed. Not much of a risk premium.The game ends when interest rates rise and bond prices plummet. At that point- gold will be the last resort.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Brian.