Sunday, August 7, 2011

"Why Don't Any Good People Ever Run For Public Office?"

This question was posed to me by a 90 year old woman in Moonbat Valley some years ago. Her name was Alma A. I never forgot her or her question and when she passed away last year- I was sorry that I didn't answer her question.

The reason good people don't run for public office is because good people are good. They don't crave power and influence, they don't crave money or wealth, and they certainly don't enjoy shoving their opinions down someone else's throat like they are a matter of fact. They don't like confrontation. They are in control of their egos not the other way around. And ultimately, public office tends to bring out those nasty things.

Once upon a time in Moonbat Valley, we were able to convince a good man to run for Mayor and he won. He spent the next 4 years absolutely marking his calendar. He hated being Mayor. The press badgered him non stop (of course the press were statists and he was not) and they never missed a chance to characterize him in some bad light. But the part I think that bothered him the most about being Mayor was that the people who worked for our city disliked him so badly. He refused to give them raises or increase their budgets. They in turn viewed him with contempt. They became obstructionists. Any time he needed something done- they made his life miserable. Threw up roadblocks. That was the game. It had nothing to do with what was right or respect. It had everything to do with human ego. Ego that doesn't get what it wants and thus launches retaliatory attacks. 

That was the reality. I watched this all happen only a few years after Alma had first posed the question. I am sorry that I never went back and gave her the answer. Good people are intelligent Alma. That is why they are good. Why would anyone want to run for office and subject themselves to hate filled newspaper commentary, mutinous government workers, and all of the assorted nastiness that goes along with that? From greedy developers to whiny ass council members. The reality of public office, from the depths to the top, is that all people cannot get what they want. The worst of us have no problem making the best of us miserable.

In turn, we got a new Mayor. She was the polar opposite of good. She was the type of person that runs for public office. Unconscious, nasty, ridiculous ideas, dishonest, big ego. Vengeful. The brand of politician we have all come to know so well.

That's why good people don't ever run for public office. They can't, it's just not their nature. That is something that I don't think our fore fathers could have ever envisioned or planned for. That public office in this country would become some ego gratifying means of scoring power and wealth. That wasn't the way it was intended but that certainly has been the way it has evolved.


davecydell said...

Back to the debt downgrade. If you and I wanted to offer bond ratings we would need the blessing of the USG.

Smell a rat?

S&P, Moody's and Fitch do not just rate USG, state and Muni bonds, they rate corps. If I was to desire buying an XYZ Inc bond I believe I would prefer to get my own rating, not one from the seller or USG. Same if I was buying a World Class Blogger's bond.

Smell a rat?

Now the market for the World Class Blogger's bond would be a bit thin. Same for XYZ Inc.

But USG Treasuries: 30 day, 2 year or tens ????? hell, THE MARKET rates these every minute of every hour of every day.

Smell a rat?

So one agency downgraded a tad and the other two held.

Looks like a little shuck and jive move to this boozer.

(And a little aside: I loved it when Stevie told CBS, after 30 some years caddying and 185 wins, this was the best. Just saying)

Brian said...

Wow. Read the story. Life is like that. Fucking Tiger...dude can't trust a fart right now..