Monday, August 8, 2011

President Screw Off To Talk Some More In a Little While...Maybe He Can Turn a 300 DJIA Slide Into 600

... and try to tell everyone that our downgraded debt is really good. Try to spread the blame around...everyone will get a taste except the people who deserve it the most. Obama and the kleptocrats. One hundred percent predictable. Obama never lets me down.

Markets down over 300 points and headed in the appropriate direction. The bankers Obama sold out to cannot help for the time being...

Is there ANYONE out there who doesn't think QE3 is about to happen??? Obama, the putz that he is, will try anything to get re-elected. I just wanna know when they are re-loading the toner cartridge.

As much as I can't stand this dude, I still try to listen to the drivel that comes out of his mouth. I've now had the CNN live window open for 40 minutes too long. Obama might have four putted on the last hole.

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