Sunday, August 7, 2011

*Updated* Gold Up Nearly 60 Bucks on Globex, Silver Adding 6%, Bernanke Puzzled

Wow. Trading on the Globex. Hoping to see a move above 1700....

Gold October 2011 (GCV11)

1,692.3    +42.1 (+2.55%)View Help Commodity Price Quote as of Sunday, Aug 7th, 2011 5:16P CST (COMEX)
High 1,696.1 Low 1,678.7
52Wk High 1,696.1 52Wk Low 1,205.4
Open 1,678.7 Prev Close 1,650.2
Volume 648 Open Interest 24,381
Weighted Alpha +35.08 Standard Dev -0.68
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rawmuse said...

News coming in that Soros has sold all of his gold.

Telegraph UK reporting, article by Richard Evans

Brian said...

What is with the ruling class? They all claim gold is a bad investment, or in a bubble, and then they buy like crazy. Gold ownership might be the biggest secret in the universe...

davecydell said...

Shhhhh..... do not tell anyone, but I am rolling around in a pile of Roosevelt dimes swigging Kentucky Tavern.