Monday, August 8, 2011

I, Frankendamus

So I had to go do the oil change thing, couple other errands. Go to the Walmart tattoo fashion show. Get home a couple hours later- after President Screw Off speaks and Wall Street closes for the day.

Lo and behold, there was the 600 point drop I predicted- before Obama began running his mouth. I feel like a prophet. Obama never lets me down.


Anonymous said...

You did call it, amigo. Maybe you should sell your opinions instead of giving it away free in your blog.
This rush into the safe haven of US bonds is interesting. I can't imagine these investors are happy earning 1% after inflation. An up tic in inflation will wipe out any earnings and maybe even put them under water. they have to be looking to get into hard assets, don't they? That is sure what China is doing on a grand scale.

Brian said...

Jim- real inflation is 4%. They are losing 3% not to mention the principal they are risking! It is huge!

There is significant proof that china is buying directly from miners. Not only do they avoid the middleman, but they cloak all of their moves. While we are going broke they are piling into gold.

Say hello to the new reserve currency- the yuan.