Saturday, August 13, 2011

Who Is Gary Johnson?

An intelligent, successful businessman. A non lawyer. A non Ivy League graduate of state college. A tri-athlete and marathoner. Translation=Hard Work. A former Governor who has used the biggest tool ever invented to combat statism. The veto. A libertarian.

An excellent choice for President. Not widely known.

Pay attention to what a man has actually done. Discount anything a man says he will do. Had we vetted Obama that way...he would not be in the White House wasting precious time.


RJIII said...

He was governor when I was in New Mexico. State has gone to hell since he left.

texlahoma said...

I know him best for wanting a realistic drug policy. I'd vote for him, given a chance.

Brian said...

I totally agree. I am so sick of our status quo drug enforcement (total waste of money and lives) I could puke.