Tuesday, August 16, 2011

*Updated Why Does The Media Ignore Ron Paul?

Today there was an excellent piece on ZH about Ron Paul. The video is even better. About the media and how they completely ignore and marginalize Ron Paul. It will make you laugh a little. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/jon-stewart-ron-paul-media-blackout

What I would like to do here- is offer my own theory on why this is.

First and foremost our country is full of idiots. We have forgotten that people of substance are not here to entertain us. That intelligent people are not the ones who whisper in our ears what we want to hear- intelligent people tell us what we need to hear. And what we need to hear is the truth. It is time for the truth.

Intelligent people are not always glamorous or good looking. Look at Bachmann and Palin. It's like a fucking beauty contest. Look at the male contestants. Same thing. Look at Ron Paul. He's not going to win any beauty contests but I'll be damned if this country- which is chocked full of morons- doesn't toss substance for beauty every time. Dancing with the Stars. Survivor. Gasp, Obama.

I could go on and on. I could talk about voting records, Paul's is flawless- he stands on principles. I could talk about scandals- Paul doesn't have any. I could talk about achievements- Paul is a doctor with the most predictable behavior- and he is not some worthless attorney like Bachmann. Instead I am going to skip straight to the chase- the reason why Paul is unelectable.

Paul represents the GREATEST THREAT EVER to status quo politics. He is a libertarian. He knows the FED was designed to strip Americans of their wealth. He knows wars are a waste of life and money. He knows existing drug enforcement methods do not work. He knows welfare doesn't work. He knows we cannot hope to pay the trillions we owe with out a huge structural overhaul of this country. In short, Ron Paul is against every system of failure that the Republicans and Democrats have supported. Those two parties represent politics as usual- the status quo.

If you are a Republican- you only have one enemy camp that hates you. If you are a Libertarian and a very credible one like Paul- both the Republicans and Democrats hate you. And their loyal followers...are quick to point out that any third party candidate represents a wasted vote. This is the crap I have read on lib sites like HuffPo and conservative sites like AceofSpades. Are they correct? Unfortunately, yes. Like herd animals- people are in charge of their own self fulfilling destinies. As long as they believe something is true- it is. They run over cliffs still believing they are right. That's been the history of history. Ross Perot as a Presidential candidate represented a complete departure from the status quo and we might have missed an excellent opportunity- to rescue our country back then. We are going to miss that same opportunity here.

That's why sadly, I think Paul is unelectable. The herd is simply too stupid to understand that they are being manipulated by two status quo herding outfits. Both outfits are taking us to the cliffs from different directions. They rely on our collective stupidity, a known and predictable quantity, and drive us over the cliffs to our deaths. One day as the cliffs approach...wouldn't it be nice to see the herd stop, turn around, and run the other way- trampling both herding outfits to death in the process?

The media simply carries the water for the status quo. Giving free coverage to a third party invader- is not in their interests. That's why Paul gets ignored and marginalized. The status quo are telling you- they don't want him in very subtle ways. He's not one of us. And if you support him, you will be isolated from the rest of the herd. You will be an outsider.

I got tired of arguing these things with left and right herd members. It's like trying to teach pigs to sing. They just don't get it. If by some miracle, Ron Paul or perhaps even Gary Johnson, got the Republican nomination- this country would stand a chance. Everyone else, looks status quo to me.

08/24/11 Now even the pollsters are deleting Paul. Polling for undeclared candidates like Palin. Check this link out, a few of the comments sum it up. http://www.dailypaul.com/175957/ron-paul-left-out-of-public-policy-polling-august-23rd-national-president-poll#comment-1848997


Anonymous said...

Obviously, the Democrats hate Paul because his monetary and fiscal policies are against everything they stand for. The Republican elite are against Paul because they are just as statist as the Democrat liberals. What is ironic, is that conservatives, who constantly rant about politicians playing politics when they need to be more serious, are against Paul because he is not play politics at all.
Also ironic is that Paul refuses to accept that to win in politics on the national level, you have to make an effort to play the game. Neither Paul or you or I get to write the rules of the game. Paul could with a little effort, couch some of his position in a way that wouldn't turn off the conservative and the establishment of the Party for which he wants the nomination. But, he chooses not to and for that reason he is unelectable. That's my opinion any way.

Anonymous said...

Brian, there is a really excellent Ron Paul video posted today at Political Realities that you might enjoy. It is long and it is difficult to hear the questioner, but Paul comes through loud and clear. If his campaign could afford to buy air time for this interview across the country, he just might be able to get the nomination. I must admit that I was impressed.

in the vanguard said...

Republicans, Democrats - it no longer makes a difference. They'll meet in some Washington lobby and work out a deal where it's two terms for you and two terms for me, or some such political skulduggery. Don't you see Hussein O has so many things that should long have taken him to impeachment proceedings and how he transcends it all. Because the entire infrastructure, the one that let this mole get into office in the first place, has already go a stranglehold on the country's windpipe. Just try and enjoy the ride, as we tailspin into some feudal system. Don't believe this? Then take my wager that Hussein wins in 2012 too.