Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Small Town "Bank Of America" War Story

In small towns, the cops know who the players are. It's not like the big city- we know how to find you and fast.

Many years ago, we had what had been- a very responsible social and civic leader completely leave the rails. He may have always been an alcoholic but when he found cocaine- he found addiction. He began stealing money, significant amounts, anywhere he could get it. Mostly from friends and family. A few of them reported the lies and swindles he concocted but virtually all of them did not want to prosecute him- or testify against him. That's how it is in a small town. It is intimate. So all of the victims in this case just wanted us- the police- to find enough evidence on our own and lock him up without getting them involved. I understood that. They called it, "doing our job."

It took a week or two before he forged one of those VISA checks that credit card companies used to send to prospective new credit card accounts. Remember those? He had found one in the trash at the post office. He had actually forged it at the bank- right in front of the teller. He was even on video. The teller had handed him 3000 dollars in cash. It looked like a slam dunk. Finally, we could lock this guy up and end this runaway train wreck.

The bank he had done this in? Bank of America. When I asked the manager for a statement from the teller she refused. When I asked the manager for the video tape she refused. She said she would call their legal department. She threw up every roadblock she could. She never cooperated, apologized, or offered an explanation. I very nearly threw her in jail for obstructing.

And you know what? That would have been the right thing to do, but I'll be damned if the Chief's wife didn't work in that bank. The Chief wouldn't let me drag her ass to jail- which she so richly deserved. He wouldn't even let me get a search warrant and go over her head. The avenue was closed. So it was that we had to let this domestic terrorist victimize a few more people before we could bring charges and finally lock this guy up.

Every time I see a Bank of America branch I think about those assholes. Funny how that is. I am watching that whole crooked mess slide into oblivion, B of A, Countrywide and that thief Mozilo, a penny stock with no assets, selling assets- laying off 3500 people. When Bank of America dies, and they velcro a new name over their doors, I am gonna smile just a bit.

I have a special place in my heart for BAC.

Rick Perry...already bought and paid for just like Obama.

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