Monday, August 29, 2011

Apparently Alcoholism Is A Problem in Obama's Family

A few months ago, I was researching Barack Obama's father. In addition to being married already and then impregnating Obama's mother at the ripe old age of 17 (I did the math on Ann Dunham) Obama's father had a number of alcohol related crashes. The last one killed him.

I published that piece here.

So I was not surprised to see President Obama's uncle, his father's brother, get a DUI after nearly whacking a police car. People nearly hitting squad cars tend to draw the attention of even the youngest, most inexperienced cops. I am guessing this guy is married to Obama's crazy aunt- because of the NE proximity. Not surprised that they are illegal aliens nor am I surprised based on Obama's contempt of immigration laws. In the end...things always tend to make sense. Now wondering if this contributed to Obama coming home it.


Always On Watch said...

Sometimes a history of alcoholism in a family also means a predisposition to illegal drug use. Just sayin'.

In fact, upon the encouragement of a few friends, I did this post last December. That golf course that Obama likes to frequent is on Suitland Road -- for all intents and purposes, an open-air drug market for powder cocaine and crack cocaine. Against, just sayin'.

rawmuse said...

Did you catch the angle on how the State of Massachusetts issued him a dummy SS number so he could get benefits, a drivers license and ostensibly, to vote? Here you have criminal conduct by a State. Sic Eric Holder on it, I suppose.