Saturday, September 3, 2011

Boise St v Georgia

Thankfully, we have the fall. Beautiful colors, temperatures moderating, hunting, and football.

Let me tell you how it is in Boise on game day. Everybody flies colors, flags sticking out of cars and trailing motorcycles. Old men and women wearing orange and blue. Even their dogs. That's how it is in Boise. I think all of those years- relegated to football hell- are easily remembered. People are enjoying this new found respect and winning ways. Fans adore coach Peterson. He's a gutsy coach.

I did not mind Baylor whipping TCU's ass last night.

Taking on powerhouse football programs, like Virginia Tech and Georgia, makes Boise St. fans nervous. Well, it makes me nervous. Maybe it makes Georgia fans nervous.

So tonite, you can damn sure bet that I'll be watching the game. Virtually everyone in this town will be. Boise St. is a three point favorite. I hope they remember that disaster in Reno last year and play every down in this game. I think they will.

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