Monday, August 29, 2011

U.S. Infects Thousands of Guatemalans With Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Manages to Kill At Least 83 Of Them

This is quite the news night. One thing after another. I hope some wave of nationalism doesn't overcome somebody reading this. Thankfully, it happened 60-70 years ago. After the smoke settles on all of the lawsuits including those who survived...maybe the reparations will only cost another billion or so. Ben crank up that printer. This is what the deep thinker had to say about this ordeal...

President Obama set up the commission when the research first came to light last year.
He also apologised to his Guatemalan counterpart, Alvaro Colom, saying the acts ran contrary to American values.

Contrary to American values? What fucking values are those? The same ones that let thousands of crooked bankers fleece the world and get away with it? Shiiittt. Whatever.

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Always On Watch said...

Why the hell is Obama apologizing for something that happened over a century ago? Oh, never mind. I know that he's ever looking for a chance to "apologize" for America. Pfffft.