Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Geronomo Mission...More Bin Laden Idiocy and American Whiners

Now it seems, the government loves "code" names. It names missions and operations. The mission to find and execute Bin Laden was called "Geronimo." Geronimo, the Indian Chief, was a great leader and fighter.

That the mission was named "Geronimo" has apparently pissed off the Indian community or so this article claims.

When exactly did our country become a nations of victims? Are we so thin skinned that every time someone uses some "word" we disagree with that we lay awake at night- angry, victimized, hateful?

If you are one of these "sensitive" people....I wish you well. You may spend your lifetime whining and trying to control what other people think and say. You can get angry and correct people. Tell everyone that offends you with some profanity or politically incorrect speech how to talk and behave. 

I am sick and tired of extending a sympathetic ear to these self anointed "victims." Really. There are plenty of reasons to hate the government. This is a big deal?? You gotta be kidding me...

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rawmuse said...

"Geronimo" was not the birth name of the Apache warrior, it was his nom de guerre. He killed a bunch of Mexican soldiers, who, in their dying breaths, uttered for salvation from St. Jerome (San Geronimo). And the name stuck.