Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Buy Physical Silver On the Cheap

I am glad that the silver market is correcting. Really.

Every two bit momentum player and his dog had been long "paper" silver. I am glad to see the weak, "cut and run types" get shaken out of the market.  With silver taking a 20% haircut in the last three days, what should you do?

Buy more physical silver. Fundamentally speaking, the economic disaster that the world finds itself in- has not changed one bit. In fact, it has grown worse. After this week, the United States will have eclipsed it's current debt ceiling. That's a fact. Not that anyone gets held accountable. They don't.

Last night, I was reading an article about the end game, hyperinflation. Virtually everyone that I follow, the people who I believe to be most credible, all agree that the end game is hyper inflation. I have no idea who the anonymous author of the FOFOA blog is, but the work is prima facia. In other words, I believe that what the author states is true- no credentialing required. I've linked that blog here, I read it frequently.

I am buying precious metals anytime there is significant weakness. I am buying silver anytime it trades sub 39.00. Eventually the paper market and the real silver market will unhinge...that is to say that one day people will be trading 50 dollar an oz. silver futures while the actual metal is trading for 100 bucks an oz. I believe that day will happen within the next two years.


Anonymous said...

Any bets on how long Bernanke can hold off QE III?

dodgefan383 said...

Hey I am new to this and admitt that this recent down turn has made me a bit worried. I do agree with you the fed is still printing and as far as I know nothing is getting better. For someone like me without the knowlage of the markets these sites are good encouragement that I am doing the right thing for my family thanks and God bless.

Brian said...

dodgefan, the big players with the help of the CME literally drove small players out of the silver game with 5 margin hikes in 8 days.

Do not let this fool you. Silver is close to a near term bottom. You very likely will not get another chance to buy silver this cheap...if ever again. I am using this down turn to add to positions. Really.