Monday, May 2, 2011

Bin Laden Buried At Sea??...Why That Actually Makes Sense To Me

The government. Like Richard Nixon, they never let me down.

With missing documents, like birth certificates and college transcripts, a FED Chairman telling bold lies like "we won't monetize the debt" and all of the other bullshit that government spews- you'd think that the government would take any opportunity that came their way to repair damaged credibility.

Nope. We killed Bin Laden and in less than 24 hours, we jettisoned his body into the sea.

Unbelievable. Let's take the actual proof that we killed the world's greatest BOOGIE MAN and destroy it immediately. That was my first reaction and then...I thought...hmmm....

Here's why the government might actually be telling the truth about disposing of Bin Laden's body so quickly.  Bin Laden will be seen as a hero and martyr by the Al Qaeda faithful. Destroying and jettisoning his body at sea makes a lot of sense. There will be no eternal flames, no graves to visit, no shrine or memorial for the Bin Laden faithful to visit and pray over.

Bin Laden has been erased. In as much as that is possible.

Can we be sure that Bin Laden was jettisoned into the sea? No. But that just happens to be one government lie that I might be able to live with.


davecydell said...

I would of preferred to see his severed head encased in glass and put on display for viewing at ground zero. We could charge a fee to go towards balancing the Big O budget. Ha ha.

rawmuse said...

I wanted him wrapped in bacon and made in to a speed bump in Detroit.