Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What the Hell Is It Going To Take-To Wake the "Brain Dead" American People?

I'm not sure.

President Transparency, Useless Idiot 8.0, has done nothing to address the criminal activities of a banking cabal that literally raped the American landscape. Worth noting, he raised nearly a billion in campaign dollars- due in large part to the banking cabal he pardoned. He has played golf 61 times and taken over 90 days or 13 weeks of vacation through 2010.

The 112th Congress is just another incarnation of useless idiots. All that tea party bullshit. The tax cuts were extended- tax revenues are dramatically down- and all these bozos can do is argue about token tax cuts for a budget that is going to be over and done within six months.

I started this blog three years ago when I realized that neither party, Democrat or Republican, stands for shit anymore. In fact- both parties are utterly useless and co-opted. I read left wing sites and I read righty sites like AceofSpadesHQ and I have concluded that all of these people are morons. All they want to do is bash the other side. There is no solution in that. There will never be any solution in that. Bash Obama, bash Bush, bash Palin. It is nuts.

So the 14.3 debt ceiling will soon be breached, our economy continues to deteriorate, we are now in YEAR 4 of this nightmare with no end in sight. And Bernanke will have no alternative but to start QE3 and we will watch the dollar collapse.

Our heroes. We ARE Japanese. We just don't know it yet.


Anonymous said...

The banksters have always been at the top of the heap and shit always runs down hill. So take what joy you can from life and keep your powder dry.

I feel sorry for all the young people today. Their life is not going to be a cakewalk.

Anonymous said...

Don't be Hatin' on the Teaparyiers-At LEAST we tried!

And I second Conservativesonfire, everyone under 30 is pretty much screwed!

Brian said...

It was just another con...same b.s. Every one fell for it.

richard said...

See the real story at max keiser report. This guy hits it on the head and makes mainstream media look like dunces. Its a story that screams WAKE UP AMERICA