Friday, March 18, 2011

Twelve Years of Suck

Eight years of Bush the moron. Followed by four years of Obama "what is worthless and comes from Hahvvad."

I note that New Jersey's Obama school is closing after just one year of hope and change.

You know things really suck when your own comrades are jumping ship. Even Hillary Clinton has had enough of Obama's shit. This says it all. In fact, Hillary almost begs Obama to fire her.

We have had twelve years of elite enrichment and world class deficits under these two much time do we have left? Can we afford 16 years of suck? I don't think so.

Here's the worst part. I don't think the solution comes from the Tea Party or Palin- although she could certainly do no worse. I think Palin is unelectable. Women don't like her because they are jealous (there I said it, c' are all thinking it) responsible people don't like her because quitting two years into a Governor gig near Siberia doesn't exactly get the blood pumping. Brains? What is the IQ threshold for President? 80, 90, 100? Who knows? It's not like the Yale and Harvard brainiacs have done much during the twelve years of suck.

We need someone on a par with Attila the Hun. Someone like Chris Christie on steroids. Wisconsin Governor Walker,,0,2037420.story  We simply don't have time to waste. The US DEBT clock doesn't take a holiday. Look at the bottom right of the page. We all each owe over a million bucks. Let me know when the silly shit starts- like who is gonna pay that?

Only about 18 months of suck left.


Wraith said...

OK, had to know I'd weigh in on this. ;)

Yep, Palin is unelectable. She's way too conservative, ahe doesn't have enough experience, she's a B-movie actor who starred with a chimp...

...oh, wait, that was all said about another 'unelectable' candidate, Ronald Reagan. We all know how that turned out.

You're entitled to your opinion, but bear one thing in mind: Sarah Palin is a REAL Conservative. You know where she stands and why she stands there, as opposed to the usual gang of douchebags who can't go to the bathroom without consulting half a dozen polls. She quit her Governorship so that the people of Alaska would be able to take care of business without their Governor being hamstrung and hogtied by frivolous ethics charges--which shows that she's in this for the people, not her own personal power trip. Again, not something you can confidently say about anyone else in the running.

I simply ask that you take a good look at Governor Palin without the filter of the LSM. (After all, we know how trustworthy they are.) You might be surprised at what you find.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure it matters any more who the best candidate is. The political elite and the Fed have, I'm afraid, taken us beyond the point-of-no-return. So, my friend, we are heading back to horse and buggy days. You may want to take some of your silver stash and invest in buggy whips or maybe big pooper scoopers.

Brian said...

Wraith I surely appreciate your loyalty. And Sarah is from my home state- hot and all. I just don't see her with the commanding presence and moxy of C Christie. While she would no doubt be a huge step up from our current ah fuck..."leadership" we need Attila the Hun fast. I think Boise has more peeps than Alaska...and just got experience questions ala Obama...all the way around with SP.