Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Banana Republic Bank of America- My "Bizarro World" Housing Adventure Continues

In early February, I did what no human being with half a brain should do. I put an offer in on a short sale house. I could not have known that Bank of Banana America owned the first. That is just bad luck.

For the record- I hate Bank of America. My experiences with their shitty credit card practices were unbelievable. Bank of America actually enhanced it's already corrupt business practices by buying Countrywide and giving the biggest thief in America, Angelo Mozilo, a job. They pissed off at least 20 million in fine money for Angelo. Mozilo should be making license plates in a California prison.

At any rate, those shitbags owned the first. After a month or so, they and the second lien holder bank agreed to take my offer. I ordered the inspection. During the inspection, I noted that the neighbor had surveyed the lot and was re-claiming about 4 feet of property line x 120 feet or about 500 sqf of my backyard. I was ok with that and I talked with him and his wife. The property is 90 years old. The housing inspector was a great guy, very thorough, and I was there for the duration of that.

So about a week after the inspection, the realtor called to tell me that the Banana Bank had changed it's mind and was now going to foreclose on the property. They had changed negotiators. They failed to mention the ZeroHedge article which disclosed that the Banana Bank of America was going to take all of its toxic loans and put them in a separate "bad bank."

So here is how this works. The Banana Bank owns millions of crappy loans and then hi-jacks my tax money so that they can sit on this shit forever and get backstopped, funded by taxpayers. They release miniscule amounts of inventory amidst "robo-signing" and all of the other fraudulent acts that they engage in. You must put up "earnest money." You must wait months to hear from these pricks. When they finally say ok, you move forward with a 300 dollar inspection. They are then allowed to change their minds. They do not have to put up earnest money. They do not have to pay for my home inspection. They tell me I've got to eat that expense. We'll see. I'll tell you this much. I am looking for the fuckstick that did this.

How would you like to own a business, make crappy decisions, and then get free government money to re-capitalize and save you? You are allowed and encouraged to lie about your assets to hide your insolvency. Here is just one of many bullets that the Banana Bank of America has been allowed to dodge. http://www.zerohedge.com/article/sigtarp-investigate-hackers-bank-america-fraud-allegations 

Are there any Federal or State Prosecutors left? Are they all bought and paid for? Gawd I'd love to organize and sponsor a bank run on these assholes. The sheep bite back.

Today, I am attempting to find out who is responsible for my latest adventure. I am going to get about 300 bucks worth of his or her ass. I'm not kidding. Angry old cops like me show up in weird little places. Like real estate units. I'll even bring the bananas.


Anonymous said...

I hope you nail somebody's hide to the wall. That kind of shit happens all the time down here but I'd still like to think that the US is a step above Venezuela. $300 plus travel and lodging; that sucks!

Wraith said...

Another victim of the BoA buttrape, I see. They're the ones that jacked up my interest and forced me into consolidation...and guess who also owns the consolidation firm?

I'd sooner receive a molten lava enema than ever do business with those bastards ever again. Go get 'em, Brian!!

Brian said...

These pieces of shit held a credit card payment of mine for four days. Actually held it. I could prove it. They posted it one day after the due date, gave me a late pay, jacked up my interest rate, and gave me a late fee. We had a monstrous fuck you contest over the phone which led me to payoff the account. I consider BAC the absolute shittiest bank in the US.