Thursday, March 17, 2011

Get Your Passports Early!

About three months ago, I ordered up a new birth certificate. Unlike President Obama, they were able to find mine and send it to me. It took almost a month. Then I had to schedule a passport appointment. After a couple of months, I paid my 151.00 bucks. I waited another three weeks for the passport to arrive. Getting a passport, I have concluded, is a giant pain in the ass.

Very emblematic of anything our "efficient" government does. Unbelievable. There is no reason why the system couldn't be streamlined and the passport issued instantly- except that the kleptocracy is in charge.

So the poor Japanese, with clouds of radiation wafting around and no electricity, are getting ready to flee the island en masse. But you see, you don't get to flee until you get one of those passports. I can't imagine how much fun they are having as they stampede in for a passport. They should put the US Government in charge of issuing passports. That would stop that shit in a hurry.

While I was getting the passport, the gal asked me where I was traveling. I said, "sweetie I ain't gettin the passport to travel- I am getting it to evacuate." She gave me a weird look, asked me to take off my tinfoil hat, and she shot the photo. I have now concluded that part of my evacuation planning.


rawmuse said...

Yeah, I took care of this for the wife and I some time ago. There are some things in life, where, if you wait until you need them, you are too late. Kind of like a tsunami wave, by the time you see it, you are too close to run away.

Kristy said...

Bri, I no have to get on every morn just to read this as it makes my day! I walk around with a smile,people look at me in a weird way but.....The best part is I am going on a cruise and I have to go get my passport!