Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Smart Asses Always Lose- The Sunday Collage

Today, I would like to start with a comment from another blog. The writer captures the problem we all share.

I don't even think the general population cares. When I try to discuss these issues with anyone Im labeled too negative or worse. As long as sports or Dancing with the stars is on T.V. and hot pizza is delivered on time, Americans could not care less. I know that thru your efforts you try to enlighten people, unfortunately most Americans do not want to be enlightened. on Obama Officially Becomes Worst President Ever

So, I'd like to blow off a little steam. I don't know who I detest more... flaming liberals or right wing conservatives. They are both nuts. Who does that leave? It leaves independents, which as it turns out, really decide every election. I like small party candidates because at least they have a platform beyond abortion. The obvious problem is that all of those small fractured parties are useless. Non contenders. The stranglehold that the Republicans and Democrats have on our country is precisely why we continue to be mired in the mess that we are in.

So many things need to be changed and this country can't even agree on one of them. Think about that. We have had 50 years of failed leadership. We have a Congress who only care about getting re-elected and lining their own coffers. We can't get tax reform, we can't get campaign reform, we can't get lobbying reform, we can't even get Congress to stop insider trading. A week or two ago, those bastards secretly slid a bill through both houses that essentially takes all of the teeth out of an earlier bill they passed to prevent insider trading. We have scandal after scandal, a privately run Federal Reserve Bank that controls world banking and really does manipulate every market from libor to precious metals. As a nation we are completely bankrupt. We are no better off than Japan. We simply compartmentalize our various liabilities and refuse to properly account for them.

When are we going to change any of this? The obvious stuff. The stuff we can agree on- like tax reform?

Answer- never.

Your government- of the people, by the people, for the people, is complete nonsense. I don't know when that government quit existing or if it ever did exist- but I can honestly say that this type of government has not existed in my lifetime. It is a fantasy.

The "people" control nothing. If you want to believe that bullshit go ahead. But the proof is incontrovertible, undisputed. The government is in control. It sure as hell ain't us. To believe otherwise is to believe in fairy tales and the easter bunny.

Millions of people know this intuitively and if they don't actually say it- they certainly practice it through their indifference. My ex wife has never voted. Not in 55 years. I am beginning to think that she is a genius plus++ she has never been called for jury duty. Things to like about not voting.

As it stands we have become a fractured country. Our people are fighting amongst themselves, adamantly believing that their cause is right and that your cause is not. And it is getting worse. There is no single rallying point- nothing we can all agree on. Just echo chambers here and there- with like minded individuals joining in. Apparently this idea of unifying our countrymen is mission impossible and I gotta tell you- trying to get people to rally creates collateral damage. The oddly offended people, people who take everything personally and launch their personal attacks, are everywhere. And if they hate the messenger I will promise you this- they will already pre-judge everything you have to say.

They will launch their attacks and so...

...the cynics think they are winning. But I will let you in on a little secret. Smart asses never win anything. In fact, smart assery is simply a way of saying- "I have lost and I have nothing useful to bring forth, but at the very least, I am going to take a personal shot at you on the way out." Any potential resolution fades away when people start personally attacking each other and that unfortunately- is the extent of our national dialogue. It is also why I often wish I had never started writing. I had no idea that having a fact based opinion (or at least an opinion based on the failure of the past 50 years) would offend others so badly.

I accept all of that and thus I am busy trying to re-invent myself and this blog without becoming a full blown cynic myself. I'd much rather entertain people and write something humorous rather than end up becoming one of the millions of anonymous cynics who inhabit the web. I've traveled that road before and I have to admit the current scenery is starting to look familiar. I've been on the losing side, one day I'd like to be on the winning side- and that's not the side filled with smart asses and cynics.


Anonymous said...

There is intelligent life beyond Earth. The proof lies in the fact that it has never contacted us. Perhaps the best any of us can do is to tend to his/her own garden.

Anonymous said...

I'm feeling much the same way, Brian. How many ways can we keep saying the same things?