Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Congress Shocked! Corporations Using Tax Laws Created By Congress To Avoid Taxes

I have always been in awe that the oligarchy and Congress conspire to achieve tremendous tax advantages for corporate America.

Then Congress' acts shocked when people begin to say, "Hey! Corporations like GE aren't paying any income taxes at all."

Like it was some oversight or mystery. Well, except that Congress is responsible for all tax laws. The latest dog and pony show can be found here. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2013-05-20/apple-meets-fairness-doctrine-set-pay-whole-lot-more-tax

Btw, this is why we will never have tax reform. Because our owners don't want tax reform.


Anonymous said...

Criminal enterprise. The entire system is rigged. When the search for a new Treasury Secretary was being talked about I said, how about Bernie Maddof. I mean, our entire system is a giant ponzi scheme. When companys need expertise in a fraudulent area they hire consultants that sometimes are former fellons. Why? Because they know the intricate workings of the fraud. So why not Bernie Maddof for Treasury Secretary? He would fit in quite well with other 535 criminals in Washington.

Anonymous said...

Government is just another word for organized crime.

Anonymous said...

This is being written at 11:26 est. If you have not looked at the markets by this time today 22/05/13 then all you need to do is look at a chart of the es(mini S&P). As Bennie and the inkjets was speaking we witnessed very abnormal volitility. This also occured in other markets i.e., Oil,Gold,Silver. Run don't walk away from this train wreck. I truly believe that Bernanke and the entire government have no clue what they are doing.

John said...

Corporations don't pay taxes. Only people pay taxes. The whole "evil corporations are not paying their fair share!" debate is simply populist pablum, meant to distract all of us and get us arguing amongst each other. It's like fining a company for some kind of regulatory infraction. The company does not actually pay the fine. Either:

1) Customers pay through higher prices for that company's product or services.
2) Employees pay through lower wages. This includes the "evil" CFOs and the lowly office workers.
3) The owners (shareholders) pay through lower dividends or market prices for their shares. "Shareholders" are not just George Soros, they include pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, 401(k)s, etc., so that includes regular folk like you and me.

Taxes are only paid by the three groups above. No one else pays the taxes, or criminal fines, certainly not corporations. Anyone who argues otherwise does not actually understand how taxes work and is the perfect fool to be manipulated by the politicians.

Anonymous said...

If the influence peddlers reformed the tax code, they'd have no more influence to peddle.

Anonymous said...

Fair Tax - short and sweet!

Brian said...

The fair tax will never happen. It's fair and Congress doesn't work that way.

Anonymous said...

IF enough people 53% gave a damn and demanded it especially now it could be possible. Imagine the lawyers and IRS agents out on their keester... LOL only in my dreams.