Monday, December 10, 2012

What Ben Knows

It is the greatest lie never told.

Several years ago, I began to realize that people only care about something if it directly effects them. They don't really care if some stranger needs a kidney transplant and they have a match- nor do they really care whether you are out of work so long as they are not. They are apathetic.

This week, the Federal Open Malarkey Committee, headed by Ben Shalom Bernanke will meet once again. They will decide how much more money to counterfeit.

Now you'd think as the sixth year (07,08,09,10,11,12) of this depressed economy and subsequent bank deception comes to a close- that people might actually start catching on. This economy ain't gonna get better. This is an elevator that only goes one way.

There are some clues.

-A continually rising food stamp recipient number currently at record levels of 47.7 million.
-A labor force participation rate which is at 1981 levels when we had about 90 million people less than we do today.
-Budget deficits of 1.2 trillion for five years running. Oddly, unemployed people do not pay taxes.
-Nearly two trillion sitting off shore in corporate bank accounts. Only UBS and Lichtenstein know how much elite and individual money has been hidden away.

Does this look like a recovery to you? Do you think these folks are paying taxes?

Now the time has come to pay for all of that bank thievery that occurred in 2008. That's really what we are talking about. The politicians have to raise taxes to pay for all of that largesse that was stolen in 2008, that 6 trillion in accumulated annual deficits over the last 5 years, at interest.

Thankfully, people are going to start feeling the pain. I hope every American citizen with any income loses about 10% or more of it. Maybe then they'll shut off their fucking Ipods and pay attention.

I want Barack Obama to take his rightful place in history- as the worst, most ineffective and banker co-opted President of all time. The guy who fiddled while America burned.

I want the FOMC to keep printing money and buying debt at a trillion or so a year. I want Ben to keep the hammer down, printing like crazy because he has a thesis to defend. Ben believed that deflation prolonged the Great Depression. Like all good bankers, Ben hates a gold standard. Ben was wrong about the Great Depression but I suspect he knew that all along. He had to. You can't steal the wealth of America without being able to increase the money supply. It is the quantity of money created via debt and nothing else- that has destroyed our economy and enriched bankers.

You don't hear the bankers crying do you? Fact is, they are propping up the stock market for him.

The reason that virtually none of us were taught anything about the Federal Reserve, either in high school or in college, was simple. The ruling class, the bankers, don't want anyone to know anything about money printing and how they skim interest off the top.

You don't educate the marks. If you don't understand what I am talking about- you are a mark.

Instead, you say that the Federal Reserve was created in 1913 to issue currency and smooth out bank runs after a bunch of "bank panics." (created by bankers, I might add)  Some generic bullshit like that will be devoured by most school kids and taken as gospel. To this day, I find myself at odds with older adults who don't have a clue about the Federal Reserve or what it really does. These are not idiots either. These are lawyers, doctors, educated people. Marks.

This is what Ben knows. Quantitative easing can never stop. Because once it stops, the whole system implodes and collapses. The dollar will be destroyed. Inflation will take off. Interest rates will soar. We will not be able to refinance our national debt like we do each year, into higher and higher rates. The rosiest scenario at this point in the cycle,  will be to keep a sheep like public pacified- and hope that they will put up with this banker stagflation for 25 years or more- just like the Japanese have done since 1989.

But I don't think we can. The only collateral we pledge when we sell treasury debt- is American labor. With out the promise of American labor, how will we pay this outrageous debt?

We won't. That's what Ben knows.



Anonymous said...

Don't count on the people waking up to the fact that they have been and continue to be economically raped by the likes of "BS" (Ben Shalom) and his partners in crime, the politicians. Most of them are not smart enough to know how stupid they are, no matter how clever they may be within their narrow fields of endeavor (like George Carlin said, they're just smart enough to do all of the jobs that need to be done, but not smart enough to know how badly they've been fucked over by a system that threw them overboard years ago).

Not sure if I posted this link here before, so here it is:

As for ipods and ipads and all the rest of that ishit, I think the "i" stands for "idiot". It's the only conclusion I can reach.

Keep stacking.

conservativesonfire said...

I heard the other day that we have 109 million Americans paying income taxes and we 87 million who either work for the government, are recieving Social Securty or are living off of the sateu nets. How long before it is one for one?