Thursday, December 13, 2012

Apple Has Jumped the Shark

When I was a kid, I watched Happy Days religiously. Until I grew up that is. A few years ago, people started using the phrase, "jumping the shark." In the last episodes of Happy Days- the writers were apparently running out of material to write about. So they came up with this ridiculous idea of having the Fonz water ski off of a ramp and over an enclosed shark pen.

Jumping the shark has thus become cliche for something that obviously- should have already ended.


This morning I was reading another blogger who was extolling the virtues of Steve Jobs. Jobs was a great industrialist- but he surely was no patriot.

There are 43,000 Californians paying taxes thanks to Apple. Big deal. There are four times that or 180, 000 Chinese employees making a little over a dollar an hour and get this...

Foxconn, the Apple subcontractor, has agreed to only work employees only 60 hours a week. Fucking humanitarians, those Chinese.

The truth is, I liked Jobs. He ran Apple with an iron fist which is why it has done so well. But Jobs is gone and in all respects, I think he took Apple with him. Apple pays a dividend now which is something Jobs would never do.

So I don't mind all of the visionary labels attached to Jobs. Or an industrialist tag or two. But please don't call him a patriot. He was just another greedy capitalist, whoring out his labor and inflating his margins. At the cost of the American worker.

Unfortunately- it was too hard for Apple to import a fleet of Chinese people to operate Apple stores. They would have had the protection of American labor laws including a 40 hour week and a minimum wage a little bit north of a buck an hour.

Succeeding CEO Tim Cook has seen the future. He knows there are people like me out here- people who will refuse to buy those over priced Apple products especially knowing that Apple has averted standard overhead costs while employing slave labor.

So Cook is going to build a line of Apple computers in the U.S. Well bless his little heart.

I bought my last Apple product a year ago. No more 200 dollar Ipods with Itunes, no more MacBooks starting at 1000 dollars and going up. No more trinkets and accessories priced 5 times higher than anyone else's. No more Iphone. No more Ishit period.

Even if Apple products were competitively priced, I simply wouldn't buy them knowing that Apple uses slave labor to produce them. Paying ridiculous margins for a product that is marginally or arguably better than competing brands- is just not worth it. I think Apple has finally jumped the shark.


Anonymous said...

Well DUH - the 'solution' is obvious: they need to UNIONIZE!

MizuBob said...

"No more iShit period"
Now that's some kind of funny.
I couldn't agree more.

Anonymous said...

Anything made in China is made with slave labor (People's Liberation ass). Just walk into any Walmart or Target and see how much of what they sell is made in China. I'm willing to bet it has to be 75% or more. Keep an eye on China. As much as the US government rails against them from time to time, they probably envy them, secretly wishing they too could enslave their own population with as much efficiency (and they're working on it).

Fredd said...

Brian, if you righteously boycott Apple for its human rights abuses, etc., I have a few other organizations that need your boycott:

1. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts. They are essentially the birthplace of all of the socialism getting cooked up in the senate, what with the Liberal Lion Teddy foisting his Marxism on the rest of us for over 40 years, along with some of his pals. Don't eat Boston Baked Beans, never watch a Red Sox game, God forbid you support the Patriots, and whatever you do, don't guzzle a Samuel Adams beer.

2. The State of California. THey say that as California goes, so goes the nation. Well, CA is heading to hell in a hand basket, and will shortly ask for a federal bailout, meaning they are asking ME for help. Screw them. Boycott California, to include Apple in addition to Google, throw away all Arnold Schwartenegger DVD's, and for all that's Holy, do not buy any product with Mickey Mouse on it.

Brian said...

I am not interested in enriching Apple anymore. They really don't do shit for the American worker, the shareholders are making plenty, and the products do not justify their 1800 dollar price tags.

Even their phones are over priced. Apple has matured as a company. Without a visionary- they are just another electronics company.