Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Gold Always Remembers, So That You Can Forget

Gold has an inverse relationship to easily counterfeited currencies. The more governments print, the higher gold goes. In cases like ours, where the FED cannot stop printing, gold cannot go down. 

The only thing that drives gold down at this point- are the banks that manipulate the price through the futures exchanges. That is the last line of defense for bankers- who simply cannot find the alchemy to counterfeit gold.

The gold vid. Redux.


Anonymous said...

I'll sell my gold when there is a return to sound money and when politicians stop lying.

JimB said...

If I buy gold with my currency now and the paper money goes to shit, what happens when I purchase something and I have change coming? Will they take the gold as payment and give me my change in "paper" ?????????

Anonymous said...

Gold For Bread - Zimbabwe


Anonymous said...

Back in the days when it was my job to ptoduce gold, the central banks were killing the market by dumping hundreds of tonnes at a time. I'm betting they are regretting those sales now.