Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Obama's Great Lie

Do you know what this means?

Ex ut, ver is.

Today over at Conservatives on Fire, Jim wrote an excellent piece that makes an assumption. Jim assumes, like any reasonable person, that the President of the United States wants to save his country. That's an honest assumption and it makes sense to a lot of normal and well adjusted people.

Here's the problem. Obama has not done anything that would support that premise. In fact, I haven't seen any evidence that he has any less apathy than the typical American.

During the debates and the campaign, I listened to Obama shovel his "tax the rich" rhetoric onto every voting soul who would listen. It is meant to be divisive and to get votes from stupid people.

I had already done the math that was required to get us on a path of solvency. The really bad news was and still is, that it was no longer possible. You can confiscate the wealth of everybody- at 100%- and you cannot break even.

The government has simply overspent itself by trillions assuming that one day- we would crank up the great taxing machine called GDP and get it all back. But this time- it really was different. We had lost 50 million jobs. There was no great taxing machine to fire up. It has been sent in pieces, shipped to places like Mexico, the Pacific Rim, India, and China.

In fact, increasing tax rates to 75% on the wealthiest few Americans- those making 250k a more per year won't make a bit of difference. Here's a guy, like me, who has done the math. He realizes the same thing.

Obama purposefully misleads. He is a liar.

The great lie that Obama tells is that taxing the rich is the answer to our deficit problems. It is not. We have a spending problem. Here's the secondary problem. The majority of Americans believe this lie. They all assume Obama cares about the U.S. , yet I have seen no evidence of that. This man has an agenda. Instead of worshipping this guy- we should be trying him for treason.

Obama knows ol man whitey makes all of the real money, the 250K plus. He also knows that minorities hate ol man whitey. The easiest votes on the planet take the same simple recipe. Bait the race and status card a bit, kick back, and rake in the  down trodden and minority votes. Blame the rich for your lack of revenue. Then watch the voting magic. It doesn't matter whether it's the actual truth or not. The voters think that it is true and that's all that matters in the voting booth.

The math Obama learned at Columbia or Harvard would have been exactly the same math the rest of us learned. This is another grand distraction- some garbage meant to look as though something is getting done will government increases taxes and spreads it's dominion over us.There will be some miniscule spending cuts, coupled with some tax increases, the celebration will be brief and guess what- nothing will have changed. All of this is meant to buy just enough time for the seated politicians to escape their chairs with their cushy connections and seven digit salaries on the outside-

That is all any of them do. Kick the can, buy time, get out.

Obama's great lie is that the rich are responsible for our state of affairs. Nothing could be further from the truth. Unfortunately, people never let the facts get in the way of their beliefs.

From that, springs this.

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conservativesonfire said...

Brian, you didn't read it close enough. I said he would never do and neither would anyone else.