Monday, October 8, 2012

Whew! New Orleans Gets Off the Schnide

We left for New Orleans Saturday. By car.

We made it as far as Santa Fe which was 15 hours in the car. Yesterday we made it to San Antonio.

Texas speed limits on eastern I-10 were 80 MPH. This ain't Oregon. Of course we found some idiot who screwed around with us for about 100 miles. He would pull along side of us, block us when we tried to get around him, speed off and then slow down. About 100 miles worth of that.

I miss being a cop at times. Instant gratification. There is no shortage of assholes in the world and yesterday was a reminder of that.

We should be in New Orleans this afternoon. I scanned the headlines this morning and saw some interesting things but alas, we must get moving.

Thankfully, New Orleans beat San Diego last night and got off the schnide. I am gonna sport some fleur de lis' today and I'll be writing tonite. Maybe some photos of Bourbon Street..

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Anonymous said...

Nothing a rocket propelled grenade won't cure. AE