Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Finding A Good *Gaurd Dog Ain't As Easy As It Used To Be

Texas has the most beautiful rest area in the world...it ought to be in architectural digest. That is not a mannequin, that was a real woman near the front door.

Check out this interior view of the men's room. What a great place! I wanted to just hang out here for a few hours. It even smelled nice. Maybe Texas will let me put in a shoe shine stand. They are very pro-business.

After leaving Texas we made our assault into Lousyanna... Years ago, I spent a week drinking, smoking, and gambling at Delta Downs Racetrack. Back then DD was just a little racetrack with a few slot machines. After dropping about a million five that week, DD was able to make some vast improvements to their property including building a hotel. I think they recognized me even with my shades on. Shortly after this picture was taken, I went inside and knocked off the casino for 15 bucks. They were watching me like a hawk.

We sped away from the track with all of our loot. I kept an eye on the rearview. About a mile from the racetrack, I saw this sign on some guy's property. I stopped and we got this picture. I've been looking for a good gaurd dog. They are getting hard to find. Maybe this guy raises them. It was good to be back in Louisiana. 

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Anonymous said...

woah, woaaa, here. can you back up a bit?

What was that about you dropping 1.5M in a casino? THat's the story I want to hear!