Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What Manny Doesn't Know


Today I took a cab ride from the Fairgrounds all the way back to Tchoupitolous and Poydras. My cab driver was black which is hardly newsworthy. What is newsworthy is the absolute polarization among voters in this country, especially minorities.

The cabbie, named Manny, hated Romney. But what Manny didn't say- was that Romney was an old, rich, white guy. In New Orleans, the blacks don't really care for old, rich white guys.

I kept my mouth shut. Eventually when Manny questioned me directly- I told the him what I tell everyone. Both candidates suck. I won't vote for either.

Minorities in this country are not colorblind. And no matter how much Obama lies, plays golf, vacations, pays off his cronies with taxpayer funds (green energy concerns gone bankrupt) and ignores the rule of law- minorities will still vote for this man.

That causes conservatives anguish. They don't get it.

Why? It's about mistaken perception. It doesn't matter how big a screw up Obama is- and he is all of that- no black cabbie in New Orleans ever benefitted one little bit from a guy like Romney. Romney is everything they will never be. They resent the class struggle and always being on the losing end. That's the perception guys like Manny, his wife, and his kids have.

How would you like to spend your life kissing some privileged ass?

And if you don't think this election is about class warfare- you have been living under a rock. That's all this election is about. Both sides are gonna square off. Unfortunately, the elite rigged this election long ago. The elite do two things better than any other class of people. They privatize profits and they socialize losses. And they rig elections by selecting your choices. They could care less who gets elected because both candidates were selected by them.

All the elite have to do is create the illusion of choice in elections. That way the entire voting class is co-opted. The voters have no win- but they still believe that they do.

The blacks think this election is about color or more precisely- voting against old whitey. Guys like Manny the cabdriver don't understand. And so here we are, in 2012, still engaged in class warfare and divided by color because Manny thinks Romney is the bigger evil. In fact, he said that  today.

The greatest evil is a corrupt two party system completely controlled and monopolized by the ruling elite. They don't give a shit which one of their two candidates you vote for because they both represent business as usual, status quo. The preservation of wealth, power, and status. That is what this is really all about and both candidates will make sure that continues. It ain't about choices, the economy, resolving the debt, abortion, or any of that other happy horse shit that they will talk about in campaign commercials. That's what guys like Manny don't understand.


Anonymous said...

And we're wondering what the 15th Amendment really brought us... A parasitic voting class...

Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised. With only one exception, all of the black people where I work, and there are a number of them, will vote Obama come Hell or high water, never mind the fact that Obama is screwing everyone regardless of color. Color is all that matters to most blacks and even is Obama devolved to the level of Robert Mugabe or Idi Amin, or a combination of both, they'd still vote for the guy.

Talk about being a prisoner of your own mind.

Anonymous said...

correction to above: ...even if Obama devolved...

Anonymous said...

This plays into the George Carlin (rest in peace) who explained in his own eloquit way
the lack of critical thinking will be America's down fall. When the population is being brain washed daily by the main stream media, formulating their opinions for them. The end game is a population of non critical thinking sheeple.

Anonymous said...

George Carlin was the best comedian America ever had and likely will ever have. Rest peacefully, indeed.

Anonymous said...

Class warfare is the politicians wet dream. People hating each other while mr. washington steals and spends us blind.

here's a thought: what if EVERYONE had to pay the same % tax? that would be the politicians nightmare. anytime mr. washington says "Pay More Tax!", the people with one voice (mostly) would say "F.U. Hell NO!" and "Stop spending us into oblivion!".

As long as washington can create the orwellian double state all will be well for washington.
Here's another thought: If deficits are so good for the economy (think krugman here), then why does the government collect tax? The government should just print more money and we can have even more gigantic deficits. Does that make sense?

no, absolutely not.