Monday, July 16, 2012

The Way of St. Warren

Each and every year for the past 30 years, Allen and Company have descended upon Moonbat Valley. (Sun Valley, Id.) They do this to vacation, recreate, to exchange information, and to find new and exciting ways to make a few more billion.

Allen and Company. This is who they are.

Among locals, the arrival of Allen and Company represents a bountiful harvest. Everyone fawns over the attendees as though their lives depended on it. For a lucky few, Allen and Company means some serious dough. The local paper always tries to get some tidbits of information from these titans of finance but inevitably they get snubbed. Here is this years local reporting. Usually, CNBC sends a reporter or two out to get some fluff interview but I haven't been paying much attention to CNBC or fluff for that matter.

So Moonbat Valley has become the annual pilgrimmage for a few of the world's elite. The Way of St. James is a christian pilgrimmage and walk across Northern Spain...In America, we have the Way of St Warren. The Way of St. Warren involves a few hundred people flying private jets to Moonbat Valley with their own NYPD security detail, listening to people yak, swilling cocktails, and golfing. A few deals get struck as the elite figure out new ways to funnel money to political candidates who promise not to tax them. Sometimes, they come up with new ideas for making even more money because that's how folks like this keep score. Too much is never enough. Thus, the Way of St. Warren has become an annual capitalist pilgrimmage where the longest walk might be down to the wrinkle room for a Manhattan. (Among locals, the bar in the Sun Valley Lodge is called the wrinkle room)

I used to get physically ill watching the Way of St. Warren each year. Private jets blasting in and out. Every rental car between Boise and Moonbat Valley gets hijacked. It's like the whole valley turns into hired help, gossiping about Oprah Winfrey and begging for tips. I can't even escape the madness here in Boise. One of my favorite employees at the YMCA is in Moonbat Valley this week helping the rich and famous stay fit. Making tips, I think.  

I never made one thin dime from those titans of finance. Truth is, I think I gave them far more money over the years than they gave me. Odd, it's almost as though they planned it that way.




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Anonymous said...

As George Carlin so aptly put it. "Its a big club and you and I ain't in it."