Sunday, July 15, 2012

"I Have a Promising Future Behind Me" The Sunday Collage

First...just a wee bit of housekeeping.

I have grown weary of watching the government extort money on behalf of "victims" and then keep the money for themselves. Not to mention the moral and systemic failure of this administration to  actually prosecute anyone. This started 4 years ago with the civil trial of Angelo Mozilo at Countrywide. Mozilo was such an easy target that he simply forfeited millions and was able to buy his way out of prison. Very often I report on this failure to criminally charge people but extort fine money instead. It's the new rage.

President Co Opted has never lifted a finger to install the rule of law or begin any kind of restorative justice in this country- and as I have noted previously- that is his prime directive as the head of the executive branch of government. Not that he has ever paid too much attention to the job description. This epic fail has not been lost on many of us who understand just who's job- policing this country is.

Eric Holder is an example of "who we are as a people" as Obama likes to say. If Holder and Obama are examples of "who we are" we are chest high in shit. I am supremely confident that they are the moral minority. I know dope dealers with more integrity.

That and we know that the entire criminal class of bankers in this country has bought and paid for all of our politicians.

At any rate, Jim G. at Conservatives on Fire pointed out that a recent 175 million dollar fine, extorted once again by the government on behalf of victims, was actually going to be delivered to victims.
I had posted a piece about this and I suppose having watched our government extort fines and keep them for so long- I missed that they were actually going to pass restitution down to the victims. I removed the story from the blog because I really had no way to correct my mistake. Thanks, Jim.


A few years ago- I met a man with two engineering degrees from Tulane. He owned his own tree trimming business. When I remarked that his occupation seemed odd given his degrees- he said, "Yep, I got a promising future behind me." He laughed like a hyena and told me he had never been happier.

I liked this guy right away. The rat race it seemed- had lost a contestant.

Now at some point in my past, I was making about 60 bucks an hour (with benefits) courtesy of the taxpayers. I was about as ungrateful as one can be while making that kind of dough. That is not a point I am particularly proud of and to be sure- I realize now how fortunate I was.

As lost as I was- I believe our country is following suit. We are on an unsustainable path that absolutely has to collapse. Here is the ugliest truth. There is no way on God's green earth that either Obama or the republican banker boy- have the nuts to fix this mess. You cannot muster up a spine or any usable amount of personal courage between the two of these people. The situation is dire.

I actually know people who are naive enough to think that their government pension is guaranteed.

Up until the politicans cannot pay it. And then the politicians will simply remove the laws that promised it. This is now playing out in Stockton and San Berdoo. When the bankruptcy goes statewide- which it should have done already- things will unfold fast. How much longer can politicians extend and pretend? How long before a big city, like L.A., throws in the towel? It can't be too far off. And once that happens- I expect a few states to tumble and start begging the Feds for a bailout. The Feds will have to act and that is how I expect the tsunami to start.

And the morbidly optimistic, that class of people who ignore all things bad, will be shocked into consciousness. Perhaps it will come as they watch American Idol.

Today, I make a fraction of what I used to. I am grateful for that. We have grown fat, lazy, and complacent in this country. We need a giant sized reset. It'll happen and once it does- we can get well. Until then, I'm convinced we have a promising future behind us.

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Anonymous said...

You know what is pissing me off now? I'm reading that Europe may be able to continue on life support for 15 to 20 years. For the sake of my grand and greatgrandchildren, I wish the collapse would come sooner.