Saturday, July 21, 2012

It's Often Convenient For People To Confuse Facts With Opinions

I started writing publicly about 6 years ago.

Often, it takes courage to take an unpopular stand and write about it. Everything I am about to state is a fact. I do this for those folks who cannot tell the difference.

Four years ago, some guy named Barack Obama was running for President. Mostly, nobody had heard of him. At that time, I was trying to uncover anything that I could find about his life and history. There wasn't much. In fact, the only history you could find were some manufactured and largely uncorroborated fictional accounts that were passed off as his life story. Two of them- which is kind of odd. In fact, I read one of those books, "Dreams From My Father." Eventually, I wrote a blog called "Obama's Book Factory" because everything I was reading sounded like campaign propaganda prepared long in advance of 2008.

That scared me. Real autobiographies have names, dates, witnesses, verifiable data. When you start seeing an absence of those things- I am reminded of the vague statements foisted upon me by the thousands of guilty people who I asked to prepare a statement for me for over the 25 years I wore a badge. I read those statements. Universally, the guilty always failed to mention key pieces of data or witnesses- they left out key pieces of information and supplied vague alibis. Often, I blew holes in those things. I know bullshit when I read it.

Uncorroborated statements are just that. They may or may not be fact. I am mindful of a man that once told me, "The only one who knows the true identity of your father- is your mother. And she may lie about that." That statement was designed to describe just how difficult finding the truth can be. Oddly, that statement was painfully relevant when looking at Stanley Ann Dunham's life.

In fact, Obama was conceived when his mother was still a juvenile. Do the math. I have.

Barack Obama had every reason to lie. He had a shady past that involved an atheist mother, an alcoholic father, a stepfather who claimed he was Indonesian and a Muslim, a bizarre history of expensive travel and expensive colleges and to this day- nobody knows who paid for any of that.

Those are not opinions. Those are facts. Inconvenient facts. Our society, our culture, wants to believe in myths and legends- mostly we do not like the truth especially when it conflicts with our vision of what the truth should be. I cannot begin to tell you why people lie or what motivates them. But they do. In the case of Obama, I fancy myself an expert. I have read everything about this man, I have studied everything he has done. I am supremely confident when I say this...

Barack Obama is a complete mystery. His life as it has been presented- is nothing but a yarn spun by a man who wanted to be President. Everything about this man is uncorroborated and the witnesses are mostly dead or not talking. Even the girlfriends. The true and the false are forever- commingled. 

One day, I believe the fact hunters and history will prove this out. I am mindful of a phrase that I have never forgotten. I use this when the egoically insane are trying to convince me that uncorroborated statements, positions, are in fact true- when clearly they are not. Like those people who still deny the Holocaust or Japanese internment camps.

"You are always entitled to your opinion but you are not entitled to your own set of facts."


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