Monday, July 16, 2012

Conspriracy Theorists Proven Credible Once Again

The morbidly naive and stupid, not so much. A lot of interesting stuff today.

Anytime you have predatory capitalism- you are going to have conspiracies. That is how wolves hunt. They gang up on you. It's called price fixing.

Oil companies don't want to give away oil. Drug companies don't want to make reasonable profits when they can make outlandish ones. Have you noticed the identical rates for cell phone providers? Cable and satellite tv? You probably think their costs are all the same. The greatest price fixers of all are central bankers. They set rates on fictional money that they don't own and that doesn't exist. You can't top that piece of wizardry. So in the new age- you get the laws rigged to accommodate your business (like 20 year patent protection) and then you put the wood to consumers. Like 25 bucks for a 10 mg pill of Cialis.

Yes sweetheart, conspiracies do exist.

Every once in awhile- they actually get exposed.

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