Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mitt Romney Is the Elite Choice, Just Ask Andrea Saul, Now Shut Up and Vote*Updated

Business as usual.

If you don't want Romney, the elite default setting is Obama. Absolutely everything you need to know about Romney.

Before he died, George Carlin could not figure out why the American people voted for candidates that represented nobody's interests but the rich and elite. Neither can I.

The rich and elite, the status quo of this country, control the unveiling of candidates. They decide who the President is going to be because they control the nominees. That is why every election year we all trudge to the polls, pissed because we have two terrible choices. Voting for the lesser evil.

Of course, that is what is going to happen again. That is not coincidence. That's the way the status quo want it. They want certainty. They do not want some loose cannon in there that represents the middle class. They want a couple of proven schmucks that won't upset their tax holiday apple cart.

I have embedded the following story about Mitt Romney. Please read the third paragraph.

I don't mind that Romney is rich. What I do mind is that he is an elite tax dodger like the rest of his class. Romney has Cayman Island investments. The Cayman Islands is a tax dodge. A place to hide money. That third paragraph is huge. Candidates get spokespeople so that they don't have to lie directly to the public. Spokespeople are verbal bodyguards. Their job is to fall on a sword for their bosses.

Note that third paragraph again. Romney's Cayman Island investments are "managed on a blind basis" according to his campaign spokesperson. Note that Ms. Saul used an "email" to say this. Romney simply turns his money over to someone else who stuck it in the Caymans. The interpretation is leading the reader to make an assumption and conclusion. Read- it's not his fault!

That is an outright lie. Total bullshit. Professional bankers find ways to create and preserve wealth. Dodging taxes is nearly a full time occupation for them. The entire tax code was created by the wealthy and elite for the wealthy and elite. Romney's money is in the Cayman Islands because Romney wanted it there.

The spokesperson? A liar. Managing Romney's image. Employed for that very reason. Andrea Saul was a campaign cheerleader for John McCain in 2008. She was only 26! Her background, prep school and Vanderbilt, just oozes elite. It doesn't hurt that she is young and very attractive. Of course. Here's a good snip about her even though I never cared much for liars. Even attractive ones.

Andrea Saul smacks elite and you wonder just how 26 year old kids help manage Presidential campaigns.  Think that is a fluke? Here Andrea's elite daddy, Julian Saul.

It's one big elite club and you ain't in it. The grooming has begun for Andrea. I guess we all can't have rich daddys and pretend we made our own breaks in the world.

Romney has vowed to disclose his tax return yet he hasn't done so yet. Instead he "leaks" that he only paid 15% in taxes last year. Imagine that. A wealthy tax dodger. A professional banker with hundreds of millions paying less in taxes than every worker in this country.

Check this piece out. 

Mitt Romney is a fantastic example of everything that is wrong with this country. He is wealthy and elite. He represents the status quo. He is a professional banker with five mansions. He is not indecisive he just appears to be as he tries to cast a large net that appeals to everyone. He is not out of touch. He is absolutely in touch. He knows precisely who he REALLY represents. And that's not the saps in the net.

Why do we vote for guys like this? Because that's who the elite selected for us. It's a game for suckers who think they have a choice. The elite stole this election, just like the last one, months before we even had the election. Greedy bastards. All that's left now is the mad scramble for the exits as the U.S. tries to figure out who is going to pay this 16.2 trillion debt. Clearly it ain't gonna be Romney and his elite buddies- parked in the Caymans.

*Here's a great video on Mitt Romney for all you big believers. Hat tip to  Blurred.


Gary said...

**** "He is wealthy and elite. He represents the status quo. He is a professional banker with five mansions." ****

Hmmmm . . . I find it interesting how far the nation has drifted into Marxism. Even people who claim to be pro-freedom jump on the Socialist Class Warfare bandwagon.

To follow that argument to its logical conclusion, the most qualified person for President would be a high school drop out, food stamp getting, unemployed loser living in his mother's basement.

That type of person appears to represent the "common man" these days.

Brian said...

Hmmm... the argument is simply a supposition and conclusion. Not that a food stamp receiving Marxist would be any worse than these two.

I agree with you on most fronts.

Class warfare is real. In a Republic everyone must pitch in. Those not pitching in, corporate America and the rich and elite aided by a tax code absolutely designed for them, creates argument. The war. Who is going to pay?

This is the fault of unrestrained government. The pit all segments and strata against each other as we attempt to pay their bills.

Currently we can't. So everyone heads for the nearest dodge.

Therein lies the war. All debts are paid. And so far this one isn't. And the elite like Romney aren't helping. In fact they continue to keep the reins of power and make it worse.

We need a man of courage. Not a beauty queen or a elite banker. We need non status quo to extract us from status quo hell.

Gary said...

The real core of your question on leadership is class.

I firmly believe leadership is genetic. The herd seeks a strong leader to protect it from predators.

How the American herd selects its leader depends on who wants the job. The herd has selected many of modest means: John Adams, Lincoln, Grant, McKinley, Eisenhower or Clinton.

But working 60 hours a week just to keep bread on the table does not leave a average Joe time to dabble in politics. Having money buys you the needed free time to spend in politics.

I think what we are yearning for is another George Washington. A true patriot with wealth and position but not out to rape the nation to line his pockets or the pockets of his friends. And a man more than willing to give up power for the simple life.

It is sad that only a handfull of Presidents have lived up to Washington.

Maybe Romney could be that man. As an honest man of faith and wealth I do not think corruption would even enter his mind.

hac5x3 said...

Gary makes a valid point. Rich people have the drive to get them in positions of power. The alphas always go to the top. And the people who are at the bottom often get there as a result of not caring about being there. Although in today's world they mostly get there because the opportunities they have put them there.

So from the pool of potential "leaders" you generally have driven people who value money and power. I get that. What I don't get is how we have so many people at the top who have no sense of compassion or morality at all. Does someone really need a billion dollars so much so that they will depreciate the lives of millions to get it? Well apparently that seems to be the case. But then again I am not surprised. History has shown us that the Kings never associate themselves with (or care about) the plight of the peasants. Not until their heads are on the guillotine.

blurred said...

Making millions of dollars by putting your boot on peoples necks is not admirable, nor is it what I would consider successful.

Romney made his millions by running multimillion dollar companies into the ground for his own selfish gain.

According to some, this person is the "most qualified person for President"...yeah, I can't wait until he does the same with our country. :rolleyes:

Honest man of faith and wealth? Give me a break, please watch the link below, it might wake you out of your hypnotic zombie slumber.