Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Los Angeles, That Place In California, Now Legislating Condom Use For Porn Stars

Los Angeles wants to send the right message. They want porn stars to wear condoms.

This is a state burdened by billions of dollars in debt. They have a crumbling infrastructure and bankrupt cities. Their citizens are woefully over taxed. Corporations and residents are fleeing the state, looking for any place with less regulation. Which is virtually anywhere. California has serious problems.

And what is Los Angeles concerned about? That porn stars wear condoms.

Politicians, lacking any personal courage or tenacity when asked to solve real problems effecting millions of people, instead turn their attention toward that one giant question each and every one of us asks upon awakening each morning. "When are they going to make porn stars wear condoms?"

The porn industry is so wrong in so many ways. It's just sort of a giant mess that exploits actors, which in turn exploits voyeurs customers willing to pay to watch other people have sex. It is a lustful market that waves the first amendment trump card. We tolerate it perhaps- because we have this archaic idea that free speech (which certainly isn't free in most places) applies to the porno industry as long as everyone gets their cut and the districts get their tax revenue.

Of course they have enforcement issues with a bad law like this. Like trying to identify the face of a man who is never in a shot but instead features one bare, naked, penis. There are jurisdiction and statute of limitations problems. Undoubtedly the politicians will be able to solve all of those problems by passing even more ridiculous laws that will face challenges and line city attorneys' pockets even further. Like laws stating that each actor in every shot must be identified for some later prosecution. That is what government does best. It creates problems where none exist.

It's like a crew of firefighters showing up at a huge blaze but choosing instead to wax the ladder truck.

Los Angeles could send any number of messages. But the message it chooses to send is this, "Watching or engaging in cheap and meaningless sex is fine, as long as you wear a condom." Maybe little Johnny and Suzie will see this porno flick and remember the condom part. After all, politicians have little more to do in California while they wait for more pressing problems to solve. Fortunately, they have not found any of those yet.


Dave said...

Hey, did you see today Gov. Moonbeam has declared that California's financial troubles are done, their state deficit has been wacked 75% and everyhting is peachy? Why do I even read this blog??


Single White Alcoholic Seeks Same said...

I especially love how they are going to mandate condom use but will still allow the condoms to be removed for the money shot. Isn't that the most important part???