Saturday, January 21, 2012

Frankenstein Government's Weekend NFL Line*Updated

I hesitate to call myself a professional gambler. Professional bettor might be more accurate.

Last week, I went four for four against the spread, which is the only thing that counts. Tomorrow, I will be wagering on both NFC-AFC match ups. Legally, of course.

I don't care two shits about who wins- my goal in life has always been to turn a profit. Here then are my picks. I like to put my money where my mouth is. Ahead of time.

NY Giants at San Francisco -2.5

The Giants bounced into Lambeau Field last week and handed GB their head. I liked that. I don't like Aaron Rodgers. I'm a Favre man. At any rate, the Giants are peaking at just the right time. Throughout my sports betting history, I can think of a number of mediocre teams that catch fire at precisely the right time. They become very dangerous teams. Having said all that and watching SF play my Saints- like champions- I am betting on San Francisco and giving the points. A team that can come back twice late- is not a team I can bet against. That type of tenacity means that even if SF loses- they will be in this game to the wire. I don't think the Giants can bring that "A" game twice. Not only is SF's offense just as good as NY's if not better, so is their defense.

I am betting 110.00 on San Francisco and giving the points.

Baltimore Ravens at NE Patriots +7.5

This is an interesting game from a betting standpoint. The Pats are the perennial  gatekeepers in the AFC. To get to the big game, it seems you have to get by the Pats most of the time. I love their quarterback and their coach. I see this game as a 50-50 tilt. Seven and a half points is too much. A sucker line. I am taking the points.

The money line is +250. A straight up bet on the Ravens (100.00) to win gets you +250.00.

Here then are my plays.

110.00 on SF.
110.00 on Baltimore +7.5 points
50.00 bucks on the money line, Baltimore to win.

I might even parlay those two teams.

I can't wait until tomorrow. Nasty ass weather in Boise although it's warm. A good day to lay around and watch football.

* Update. Joe Namath took the other side of both of my bets. Now I know it's a cinch. Thanks, Joe!

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