Monday, December 12, 2011

Woman Executed in Saudi Arabia For Just Trying To Make a Buck, In America She Would Have Been Given a SBA Loan

I am not a proponent of capital punishment. I know...I know...not wanting to kill people is irrational.

In Saudi Arabia, they apparently kill you for practicing sorcery or trying to treat illnesses contrary to accepted practices.

In America, this woman could have applied for and received a small business administration loan for practicing alternative medicine. Had she proven that she voted for Obama, the loan would have been fast tracked and she might even be selling franchises by now. She would be alive and well, touted as a business woman with acumen, creating jobs in America.

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republicanmother said...

Who are you to criticize our Allies, Brian? Some commie, not supporting the regime that owns a significant portion of FoxNews? Didn't you get the memo that Iran is evil and wants to kill us? Where are they on ridding the world of sorceresses? Way behind our friends in Saudi, that's where.