Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dark Closets

Who are you going to believe? The media or your lying eyes? Can you trust your government education?

A month or so ago, I got in a back and forth argument with my father. These days those things are usually avoidable. Unfortunately, like most Americans, my dad thinks that the Federal Reserve is some government institution where somebody plopped 20 trillion a hundred years ago. That this 20 trillion is just waiting around- gathering dust until at some futuristic and imminent flash point- the Fed will unleash it and save us. I guess.

Don't you find it unimaginable that not one public school anywhere- teaches the 100 year old history of the Fed? If you know of just one school or textbook that does...please by all means tell me about it. I beg you.

That is not a coincidence. If you plan on fleecing American workers forever- the last thing you want to do is tell those targeted sheep your game plan. Or admit you have been a horrible failure.

Ultimately when I find myself arguing about the Fed, I have to invoke the Frankenstein Government rule. I cannot engage is a discussion about the Fed with someone who doesn't know anything about the Fed, it's origin, it's history, or it's never ending string of failures for the American people- or the tremendous success it has been in lining international bankers pockets with billions each year. Generally speaking, a book such as "The Creature From Jekyll Island" will give us some common ground. But what makes that book credible?

Pops is one of these guys who practices contempt prior to investigation. He made his mind up years ago. The government he believes is essentially truthful. They would not allow a private banker to fleece us, would they? And ultimately, the issue lands on credibility. What makes my argument more viable, more compelling, or more truthful? Why can't I just believe that the Fed is this wonderful government institution that makes our lives better like most people?

What I like to say to people is this. You are entitled to your opinion. What you are not entitled to is your own set of facts. Before you go running your mouth, you need to investigate what somebody is telling you. They just might be telling the truth. In fact, the absolute best and most useful people in my life have told me the truth. What I needed to hear. Not what I wanted to hear.

That is the single greatest asset/skill that law enforcement ever bestowed upon me. That even the most outlandish story is plausible- it is your job as an investigator to try and prove or disprove it. If you are baffled by something like the Fed- you are baffled because they want you to be baffled. On it's own, the truth never seeks a closet to hide in. But men, for various nefarious reasons, have plenty of closets.

If it's your gold in Fort Knox and the government won't let you see it- then that's a problem. If the Fed is an arm of the United States government and they refuse to submit to an audit- that's a problem. What you don't know- will in fact hurt you. Ignorance is not always bliss. There are plenty of closets with plenty of skeletons in them. Don't be afraid to find them and peer in once in awhile. Ultimately every issue becomes one of credibility. The best you can hope to do is uncover facts that will support your conclusions. A little light finally finds its way into a dark closet.


Anonymous said...

>Don't you find it unimaginable that not >one public school anywhere- teaches the >100 year old history of the Fed?

Don't you find it unimaginable that after 98 years you still don't really know WHO THE HELL OWNS THE FED??

Don't you think after all this time one congress critter would have asked the Fed chairman in those overblown House Banking Committee hearings "When you have a moment do you think you could release your ownership structure just so we know who is actually making the decisions at our central bank?"

Or did I miss a meeting...


republicanmother said...

The Fed owns the textbook companies and educations system indirectly. So that makes sense.

I'm glad my view of open-mindedness is shared by a law enforcement person. Truth is crazier than fiction, so I take what is said with a grain of salt so my brains don't fall out, but still investigate to see what the merits are. Talking points are for tools.

hac5x3 said...

Not only don't they teach you about the FED - you're lucky you even hear that it exists. Who owns it? Who runs it? I bet the bought and paid for government doesn't even know.