Friday, December 16, 2011

The Abject Failure of the GOP

"Pay attention to what people have actually accomplished, pay far less attention to what they say they will do."

By that standard alone, Barack Obama would never have been elected President. In fact, after having been advanced 100k on a book deal- Obama could not write the book nor make the deadlines that he had agreed on. Many knowledgeable people believe his books were "ghost written." I am one of them. The point is- is that Barack Obama had accomplished very little with his life. A community organizer. A teacher and a lawyer. Good lawyers lawyer, the rest teach. He was a superficial black guy that could speak well. He let a lot of desperate and scared bankers escape in return for their financial support. That dear friends- is why he is President.

Has life turned into a beauty contest? It's hard to argue that it hasn't. Take a look at the candidates. The females are all attractive, some of the men. Substance? There is very little substance except for Ron Paul, Gary Johnson.

I remember my first political science class. The agreed upon secret to "winning elections" is to reach the widest possible audience by offending the least amount of people or groups of people. Cast the widest possible net because winning is about including others- not excluding them. Obama even employed behavioral psychologists to attract more people and make others- who did not sign up on the hope and change tour- feel isolated from the herd. Oh did I feel that pain as I wrote publicly in Moonbat Central and criticized Obama prior to election.

In addition, candidates hide all of those nasty little truths about themselves. The affairs, the shady insider trades, mortgages from people like Mozilo, getting rid of people in cushy jobs, giving cushy jobs to your friends. Alcohol and drug problems, arrests.

You can see the problem can't you? The goal for a politician is to win the election by casting the widest net and appealing to the largest segment of voters. That goal, simply winning the election, does not have a damn thing to do with predicting actual job performance or effectiveness. It is a lie we accept.
All it tells us essentially- is that one of these guys will kiss the public's ass to such an extent that they will win the nomination. In fact, we generally elect the most ineffective person of the bunch every four years. The man or woman who pisses us off the least. Don't we? And within that framework, is the abject failure of the GOP.

So what barometer should we use?

Past performance is the best predictor of future performance.

The guy you don't like the most in the beauty contest- is very likely the man or woman that you need the most. This is the person who is not afraid of the truth, who shows courage, who takes unpopular stands, and who could care less about casting the widest net and kissing the public's ass. That person does not compromise principles to win elections. What I am telling you is simple.

Time and time again, the voters in this country have proven that they can select the worst possible candidates. Our "pickers" are broken. As a country, we keep selecting these ineffective leaders who tell us what we want to hear. We believe them. It's complete bullshit- designed to simply get votes. Think about Obama coming off like a centrist. At any time did this guy mention that he was a stone cold marxist, possibly not even a citizen, and a childhood son of Islam? Think disclosing those slight imperfections might have isolated a few voters?

So we have been pretty good at selecting the best liars. Then we bitch about it. The cycle is about to repeat itself. We have a sorry ass crew of GOP candidates. Only two of these pass the sniff test and unfortunately- neither one is a front runner.

What I am about to say here is the God's honest truth. This country would be better off finding a guy that pisses us off and elect him. At least we would know truthfully where he stands. I can't even bear the thought of Gingrich- the serial cheater, smart ass, and professional politician- getting the nod. Ditto for the great pollyanna, Romney, who I call the white Obama.

This GOP crew is the sorriest assed bunch I have seen in a long time. Even the GOP faithful know it. All the GOP faithful can manage to do is clench their teeth and hope anything is better than Obama. Like their sorry nominee in 2008.

Had the GOP lured Scott Walker or Chris Christie away- we might have had some hope. The GOP and elections in general have in fact- become beauty contests. We are going to nominate another guy who pisses us off the least- the guy who comes off like a nice guy. A beauty contest winner and I don't see any way it is going to be anyone but Romney. And then we are going to get the same old results that we have always been getting- because we keep doing the same thing over and over again. The only guy that the GOP has put forward in my lifetime, a guy who had accomplished a great deal, a man of substance and courage, a man that was not a serial cheater, was Ronald Reagan. They still talk about him. Even blind squirrels find an acorn now and then.


Anonymous said...

I don't think you'll ever find the candidate you are looking for in the 2 establishment parties.

Those who really run the show have discovered the simple truth - buy the primary and the election doesn't matter one bit because on the important issues either candidate will vote exactly as they are told to.

Yes, there are exceptions in some congressional districts where an incumbent is too popular to lose even in the usual primary-rig job.

But, you don't need all 535 of them congress critters, 400 is more than enough.

And if you really think a 3rd party candidate stands a snowball's chance in hell, then wait and see all the mountains of cash roll in to the established parties in order to eliminate the threat of real democracy.

I don't think the current system can ever change because those who run the show from the shadows have set up this scam too well to fail.

hac5x3 said...

You make it seem like there is a real choice. And there is not. You can put up 30 shills and there's no real choice. Obama is the perfect front man because he appeals to the widest possible LOWER AND MIDDLE CLASS. The elite are no dummies - he can "compromise" their asses right in to the ground and they like it.

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul? Dude, you're delusional. He's a liar and his foreign policy would get us into a shooting war.

Gary Johnson? The guy that told lame jokes in the one debate I saw him? The guy that is always talking about legalizing reefer?

I want a rock solid conservative. My first choice decided she would sit this one out. Santorum and Bachmann, both of whom I would stop my life to work for, won't get the nod.

I for one think our field is excellent(except for Paul) To a man, they are all talking about shrinking government. Some are better, IMO, than others and only Romeny would be a nose holding vote.

Are we going to get another Reagan in this field? It'd be nice but anyone of them(except Paul) would be a vast improvement over the Marxist-in-Chief.

On top of it, your two "men of substance" are both threatening to go 3rd party. Neither would have a chance in hell of getting elected but could possibly get just enough votes in a few states to swing it for Obama.

Yep, a couple real winners there

Brian said...

Wow. I am awestruck anon. My first question is how old are you?

If you think there is anything special about this group of ain't been watching for the last 40 years.

Always On Watch said...

Excellent essay and analysis!

All the GOP faithful can manage to do is clench their teeth and hope anything is better than Obama...

If we reach the 1980 tipping point, any GOP candidate will trounce Obama.

And I think that we're getting to that 1980 tipping point. See this short essay by Mr. AOW. He encountered quite that backlash toward Obama last Friday evening at the VFW -- even from those who had voted for Obama.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I consider myself very well informed-it's one reason that I have to question anyone that favors Ron Paul.

You need to step back and get a broader view of our candidates. The Tea Party, of which I am a proud member, has forced the debate not to merely slowing the size of government but to actual cuts.

But you say, Ron Paul wants to cut a trillion dollars the first year he's in office. Yeah, by massive defense cuts. Great plan. Withdraw into a shell and let out enemies fill the void. He's not just a nut, he's dangerous because his views are given consideration.

Do I wish Sarah Palin was running? You fucking betcha. Would I gladly support any of our candidates? Dittos-Obama must be defeated, that's priority #1-do you want to see another wise latina or Mall Cop on the SC?

Brian said...

I think you are probably very well informed. That's not the problem.

I cannot for the life of me make this much simpler.

Our biggest problem period- is our national debt. Agree? Ok....

Now who has the capacity to understand the FED, who is not paid for by bankers? Who wants to end the FED. That's right.

Anonymous...Tom Jefferson said the greatest single danger to our nation was central bankers. He was not kidding. It is destroying us...if it has not already.

If you think anyone outside of Ron Paul can solve this- you are mistaken. Like many standard citizens- a trillion here and there for wars is why we are in this mess. This mess is not going away. Ever. They are going to steal every dime they can from you. They have no other choice. You are a debt slave. It will never get better because it can't.

You are gonna solve that with Romney or Palin? Good luck.