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Why Obama Is Not The Anti Christ, The Archived Madness of the Lunatic Fringe

Friday, May 14, 2010

It's Official, Obama Is Not the Anti Christ

About a year ago, a neo conservative friend of mine called and asked if President Obama could be the anti-Christ. Although Obama clearly has many of the qualities and characteristics that one looks for in a good anti-Christ, I was not sure. After watching Dear Leader this year, I feel confident in saying that Obama is not the anti-Christ.

I know, I know, some of you righties want to cling to hope. Perhaps you are questioning my credentials for determining anti- Christs. But I've watched this dude closely last year, which you can do when you are unemployed. Eternally. Trust me, I am using solid logic.

One other thing. Just because I have determined that Obama isn't the anti-Christ doesn't mean that you non religious types can breathe a sigh of relief. You still have work to do.

The anti-Christ is thought to be a gifted orator. Now at first blush, many of you may think that great oratory qualifies Obama. It doesn't. In fact, what has been spilling out of Obama's mouth lately is precisely what has led me to conclude that he isn't the "big baddy." Nor is he the great genius the lefties think he is. In fact, I'd give this dude a slightly above average score on the big bell curve. Nothing special. Even aided by teleprompters. I could prove my suspicions if we could ever find those missing college transcripts.

The real anti Christ is thought to be cunning and devious, willing and able to persuade everyone. As Obama attacks and blames Bush, attacks and blames Fox news, attacks big banks, attacks auto makers, attacks health insurers, and attacks and blames big oil for a once in a lifetime spill, attacks and blames Arizona for doing the job his government won't, attacks his own constituency and adds glib, snide, and caustic comments- he is guaranteeing and sealing his fate. But not as the historic third anti- Christ. Before it's over, this guy might be able to unite this country but not because he is sneaky smart. We won't unite because of him, we will unite despite him. Obama is not the slick talking orator that will bring about the end times. To do that would take a lot more skill, tact, and savvy than this dude possesses.

There it is. Prima facia evidence Obama isn't the anti-Christ. He ain't even close.

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Always On Watch said...

The real anti Christ is thought to be cunning and devious, willing and able to persuade everyone.

I agree. But I do think that he's a forerunner of the anti-Christ.

Certainly, he is the linchpin for destroying America. I believe that certain interpreters of Biblical prophecy state that America must fall before the anti-Christ appears.

Personally, I'm not into eschatology. Too complicated and too subjective!